Cartotecnica Rigon celebrates 60 years of activity with a new Diana Smart 115 C folder-gluer


Cartotecnica Rigon is celebrating 60 years of activity in the cardboard packaging sector this year, which represents a great passion for the whole family rather than a job and a business. This can be understood by crossing the threshold of the new and beautiful headquarters, characterized by a modern and trendy design that welcomes the visitor in an atmosphere where tradition and modernity go hand in hand to meet the needs of the market, thanks also to constant investments in technology

Cartotecnica Rigon is a family-run company based in Carrè in the province of Vicenza and in 2023 it celebrates 60 years of activity in the offset-printed packaging sector. An adventure that has its roots in the early 1960s when Pietro Rigon, father of Fiorenzo, the current CEO, employed in a box factory in the area, passionate about this work, proposed to his family to take over the business. We are in 1963 when Rigon box factory was born in Carrè (Vi). In 1998 the decisive turning point from which came to life Rigon Cartotecnica as we know it today.

“An important corrugated cardboard packaging multinational made us an offer to take over the business, since we were the first converting box factory in the Triveneto area and thanks to that sale, we decided to dedicate ourselves, starting a new company, to high quality offset-printed packaging sector by investing in a printing machine and various machines for converting folding cartons and corrugated cardboard, namely laminators, die-cutters and folder-gluers”, begins Fiorenzo Rigon, confirming one of the characteristics that an entrepreneur must have to be defined as such, namely the capacity to have a vision and look to the future, exploring new markets.

Rigon ingressoWe are in the years where the commercial printing crisis begins and many printing houses close their doors, and those that are still on the market today owe it precisely to the choice to further develop the cardboard packaging market. A natural vocation towards the search for beauty that today in Cartotecnica Rigon you can breathe, crossing the threshold of the entrance, where you are greeted by a beautiful reception desk that underlines the attention to the environment, but also by an exhibition of most significant works carried out by the company. An order and cleanliness that are also found in the production environments, with a layout of production solutions that follow the natural flow of the production of printed packaging.

Today the company employs 60 people, and the third generation of the family is taking its first steps, maintaining and carrying forward the values and philosophy that have always distinguished the family’s work. The company operates mainly in the Triveneto market, covering the most varied product sectors.

A modern and efficient fleet of machines

rigon reparto

The entire production cycle is present at Cartotecnica Rigon, which supports the customer from graphic creation and pre-press to the delivery of the finished product. The latest generation 120×164 format seven-color printing machine with double coating tower and double drying ovens supplies the printed sheets which then, depending on the next processes, pass to the various departments of automatic laminating, die-cutting, windowing and finally folding-gluing where operate 4 lines with continuous cycle, all equipped with an automatic packing system and palletization at the end of the line. The finished product is stored in a compactable warehouse which has a capacity of 2000 platforms.

The company also has a large format digital printing department for the production of displays. “We chose a digital printing machine with 3300 width capable of reaching 450 square meters per hour and we decided to configure this machine with automatic loading and unloading for not-stop production without operator supervision. For us, the choice of digital is not aimed only at a more efficient production of existing orders, but to be able to offer large format and higher complexity displays and cardboard products. The machine is installed in a new area of the company where work prepress operators, designers and prototyping systems”, adds Fiorenzo Rigon.

The new Diana Smart 115 C, a choice coming from heart!

rigon piegaincollaThe latest investment in the folder-gluer department dates back to mid-2022, when the new Diana Smart 115 C, marketed in Italy by Heidelberg, also went into production in the already well-equipped department. And for Cartotecnica Rigon this new investment, which became necessary due to an increase in requests and increasingly tighter delivery times, was a choice coming from the heart, since having already operating a 1996 Jagenberg Diana 105-2 with high level performance, the owners of the company deemed it appropriate to continue the relationship with the evolution of that machinery, while the second, but no less important reason was to satisfy the request of the operators to be able to have a new line that was as versatile as the previous technology with which they have been very familiar for years.

“The new Diana Smart 115 C installed at Cartotecnica Rigon is a complete automatic line capable of producing at a speed of 450 meters per minute, with width of 115 cm, and can process linear cases, crash lock bottoms, 4-6 corner boxes, and is equipped with devices for processing the microwave. Furthermore, a whole series of devices are foreseen to guarantee product quality such as window positioning control, color code, glue, which allows Cartotecnica Rigon to produce any type of box, fully responding to their productivity needs”, intervenes Lorenzo Ariberti, Business Heidelberg Italy post-press driver.

This latest installation is part of an investment program which, starting from 2019, has seen the renewal of a large part of the digital and offset machinery, and a new window line.

But since investments can never end for a company that wants to keep up with the market, Cartotecnica Rigon confirmed a new purchase in January 2023 which will complete the end of the line of the new folder-gluer by automatically arranging on the pallet the finished product to be sent to the packing line.