Cartastampa: flexible cone packaging


Cone packaging is one of the possibilities among flexible packaging and is characterized by a thin pack formed by layers such as paper, cellulose and aluminum; it can contain food, drugs, personal hygiene products and much more. Specifically, food cones produced by Carta Stampa are mainly used for ice creams, ensuring excellent performance in terms of conservation and containment.

The cones are flat printed, a triangle with a curved side is then created in which the graphics are developed. It is very important to check the correct adhesion of the inks to avoid the risk of their detachment with the possibility of pollution of the food product, also because the storage conditions of the ice creams put a strain on inks that are not suitable for this application. A food compatible coating is then added to avoid scratches and detachments and to guarantee food compatibility of both the printed substrate and the internal paper. The two layers are laminated with water-based adhesives that must ensure the seal of the laminated material even in difficult conditions such as cold and humidity, typical of freezers, but also hot when waffles are wrapped. A water-based primer is then spread on the aluminum external side, with the dual function of protecting aluminum from oxidation and promoting the adhesion of the inks used for printing. The film is then punched and folded using special machinery to form the cone which is kept closed by a small amount of hot glue which is applied in an area where the edges overlap thus avoiding any contact with the product, for this reason in the area of ​​the tip is left a special reserve to allow gluing. The finished cones are stacked and packaged in cartons from which they will be taken to be loaded into the packaging plant or used in ice cream parlors, in the case of industrial packaging a lid is also used, usually in cardboard, which will be placed on the upper part of the product. The closure of the packaging with the upper disk does not require heat sealing, but only the simple folding of the upper edge, making it particularly suitable for applications with products that must be processed at controlled temperatures or even in refrigeration conditions.

Packaging is constantly evolving and the search for new materials and products is always in a continuous research phase. In fact, packaging evolves together with the market and flexible product concepts are the basis of success for every company. Customer’s needs on the one hand and the circular economy on the other are the coordinates to aim higher and higher towards global sustainability. A novelty on which Carta Stampa is working, to improve more and more in terms of the environment and recyclability, is a type of cone without aluminum, with paper appropriately treated to guarantee an adequate barrier to external agents, to obtain a totally recyclable structure. Paper for cone packaging is certainly the most suitable material: sustainability, the possibility of customization, as well as lightness and space-saving. The use of eco-sustainable materials, derived from renewable sources, facilitates the recycling of the product; production requires a low energy content by introducing a minimum amount of greenhouse gases into the environment, a fact that is not unimportant for respecting the environment.