AV Flexologic and BOBST partner to integrate BOBST smartGPS with complete AV Flexologic mounting machine range


BOBST shares the same passion for innovation as AV Flexologic, and together the two companies are proud to announce they are breaking the barrier between prepress and press synchronization.

“AV Flexologic is proud to become the partner of the BOBST ‘smartGPS’ technology. Combining this leading press automation technology with the fastest and most accurate flexo plate mounters, brings the flexo industry one step forward towards a leaner, waste-free and optimized printing workflow. Everyone wins with this partnership, but most importantly the flexo printers, our common customers,” said Martijn Otten, Managing Director AV Flexologic b.v.

“We are delighted to partner with AV Flexologic  and the decision is in line with our continuous update of the smartGPS technology since its introduction in 2008, synchronizing the workflow with the new generation of our presses and related equipment. The plate mounter is a fundamental element of our smartGPS technology, and we are confident that the integration of both technologies will mean even more press uptime, less waste and higher quality print results,” said Mark McInulty, Managing Director BOBST Bielefeld GmbH.

About the partnership
The smartGPS offered by BOBST has helped countless printers to automate their start-up process and eliminate waste by generating all the registration and impression settings offline at the plate mounting stage. The partnership has started with integration of the Automatic Mounting Machine SAMM 2.0, which will be displayed during a BOBST open house, which takes place during K-show 2022. smartGPS will then be integrated in the complete range of AV Flexologic flexo plate mounting machines, MOM, SAMM 2.0, FAMM 3.0 and RoboCELL.

Leveraging BOBST smartGPS technology and the patented technologies of AV Flexologic, including Image Recognition and robotic mounting, an optimized press workflow is guaranteed. Adding the GPS system in AV Flexologic plate mounting machines will lead to a waste-free streamlined workflow, with decreased changeover times and press downtime.