Wine & Spirits, how to create unique and innovative labels: Cillario (Eurostampa) interviewed by OMET TV

La sede di Eurostampa

“It’s necessary to regularly invest in presses able to work on different materials, and in decorative technologies such as hot foil, cold foil, screen printing, flexography, offset, and all that is needed to make a unique and innovative label”. Gian Franco Cillario, CEO of Eurostampa, talk about his experience in the international wine & spirits label market, in the interview by Armando Garosci in the third episode of OMET TV.

The web series conceived by OMET and led by Armando Garosci, editor in chief of the Largo Consumo magazine, in the third episode had the welcome presence of Gian Franco Cillario, CEO of Eurostampa. The interview obtained excellent results in terms of views and contacts. It was published on OMET social channels (YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn) on July, 8th 2021 and it’s visible for free on the dedicated website .

From the left Armando Garosci, conductor of OMET TV, and Gian Franco Cillario during the interview of the third episode of OMET TV

The episode deals with the printing of labels for the wine & spirits sectors, focusing on the experience of Eurostampa, internationally considered an excellence for these particular markets.
Eurostampa is an international company mainly focused on the wine and spirits sector, with a good market share also in the chocolate and beverage industries. It has 6 production sites: the main, hosting about 450 employees, is located in Bene Vagienna (Cuneo, Italy) where the company was born and has grown. Other offices are located in Europe and the United States, following the main wine and spirits markets; in Glasgow to follow the Scottish whiskey market and in Touverac (France) following the cognac and champagne one. Over the last 10 years, 3 locations have been settled in America: one in Cincinnati, near Kentucky, to follow the Bourbon market, one in California, Napa Valley, to follow the wine sector, and one in Mexico in Guadalajara to for the Tequila production.

“Until 5 years ago, a label could last 10 years – Gian Franco Cillario told to OMET TV microphones -. Most of our customers have thought about it over and over again before changing the design of a label or even some details. They even spent some money for this, but in the end they didn’t change. Today, we have entered a completely different era: labels can last from 6 months to a maximum of two years, and customers continuously search for modifications with an obsessive attention to the communication with the consumer. They’re always trying to innovate or to attract attention, with innovative and always different products”.

The Cillario famlity

According to Cillario, innovation and investment in new technologies are the keys to continuous growth in the label sector, without forgetting the enhancement of collaborators and territory.
“Companies need to have suitable and experienced resources and follow the dynamics of the market – continues Gian Franco Cillario -. We have now opened two centers called “Innovation Labels”, where we collect all the needs and requests of customers, and develop the innovations that we want to carry out. In these innovation centers we try to realize what our customers ask, to bring to the market innovative solutions in a very short time. Investments should be obsessive. In the last 4-5 years we have invested 50 million euros in equipment, resources, technologies and infrastructures and we managed to define a truly unique offer based on paper and glue technology, self-adhesive, and digital printing”.

Each episode of OMET TV, broadcasted every 2 weeks, focuses on a specific theme. A special guest will comment current topics and trends in the sectors in which OMET is considered an international leader: tissue converting machines and printing machines for labels and packaging.

Watch the interview with GianFranco Cillario – OMET TV, Episode 3