Ulmex: the latest generation microscope for 3D analytical control of anilox, cliché and gravure cylinders


    Ulmex presents DotScope, the new generation digital microscope that allows to carry out a 3D analytical control of anilox, cliché for flexo and gravure cylinders. Compact, light and ergonomic, it is equipped with three integrated optics and a stepper motor that guarantee optimal focusing without mechanical locking. It takes 10/15 seconds to analyze the cell structure with agility and measure the anilox line. Moreover, it is powered directly by PC. Some of the exclusive advantages of DotScope that have made it a success in Italy: in a few months from its launch, Ulmex has already set up numerous installations with new and consolidated customers such as Netpack, the Sorma Group division specializing in the production of packaging materials of high quality, which has been working with Ulmex for a long time.


    Among the new features of DotScope, there is also the integrated software that allows you to create a database by storing the information generated by the individual measurements. “The ability to monitor the status of your cylinder park in real time and create a timeline, returning an accurate analysis of the life cycle of the anilox, is certainly one of the most appreciated features of DotScope by our customers”, explains Angelo Maggi – Ulmex Italy Sales Director. “The measured values ​​are processed by the software giving rise to a diagram that allows to accurately assess the level of mechanical wear, the lines and the volume changes over time. This allows timely and preventively the planning of anilox cleaning or regeneration interventions, optimizing costs and processes”. Procedures for which Ulmex offers exclusive solutions and services such as laser technology for cleaning anilox cylinders, which can be implemented directly in the production lines, and the exclusive laser cylinder cleaning service carried out at home 24/7 thanks to a fleet of Service- Own truck recently upgraded. “If properly programmed, these interventions allow not only to significantly lengthen the life of aniloxes, but to make them perform better, optimizing processes, reducing ink waste and therefore production costs”, adds Maggi. In fact, Ulmex supports an equally complete range of value-added services, such as laser cleaning, which is widespread throughout Italy.