Self-adhesive labels and short run packaging: an essential enabler of the supply chain at times of COVID19 crisis


Self-adhesive labels and related short run packaging are an essential requirement for a continuous flow of food and medical products. They are part of the critical infrastructure that is needed to master the COVID19 crisis.

Labels and labelling technology are an essential feature for the food and medical supply chain. They provide primary product information on the supermarket shelf and in the consumer household after purchase, they offer pharmaceutical companies and doctors the opportunity to provide customized information for individual patients, and they facilitate the tracking and tracing of goods along the value chain.
Following the outbreak of COVID19 and the resulting public health measures, label companies have been taking steps to contain the risk for their staff’s well-being and their business’ continuity. Together with the national associations and other stakeholder associations, FINAT has been supporting the members of the label community with information, most recently with a webinar on 31 March to assess the situation around Europe and explore possible next steps in support of the industry.

FINAT also endorses statements from various industry bodies calling for the uninterrupted cross-border transport of raw materials, goods and packaging, as well as the continued availability of essential raw materials and chemicals.
FINAT Managing Director Jules Lejeune comments: “Several countries have explicitly or implicitly declared labels and packaging as essential part of the critical infrastructure for the food and medical supply chain. We also welcome the EU Commission’s new ‘Guidelines for Border Management’, implementing Green Lanes for essential freight transport. We however look forward to even more concerted measures on European level to contain the economic impact of this crisis. In Europe, governments, industries and workers alike, we are all in this together.”

Committed to support critical infrastructure
Mr. Lejeune concludes: “The European label and narrow-web industry is strongly committed to play its part in the critical infrastructure. Presently, however, the European label value chain is facing considerable challenges, as businesses are struggling to keep up with excessive short term demand due to hoarding, while at the same time, companies are coping with labour shortages and restrictions on the availability of critical raw materials and chemicals in the manufacturing process.”