Saver, the eco-sustainable embossing technology by Engraving Solutions, celebrates its ten year anniversary


Saver, Engraving Solutions’ technology for eco-sustainable embossing, turns 10. With over 200 engraved rollers sold all over the world, it has become a reference point for all converters who want beautiful, soft, resistant, and eco-friendly products.
Born from the union between Pixel and 4D technologies, the innovative solution allows the production of highly decorated rolls while reducing the use of glue by up to 75%, saving fiber and preserving the characteristics of the paper.

“With Saver it’s possible to enhance any type of paper, from the most high-end to recycled varieties, and to add value even to entry level products. Both technologies go in the direction of saving energy and reducing polluting materials, albeit in different ways”, comments Mauro Gelli, Engineering and R&D manager.
The 4D “tips” save energy because using them increases overall performance with the same raw material, while Pixel helps reduce the use of polluting components.
More complex decorations normally need more glue, but with Saver it’s possible to reduce glue by over 75%. The paper remains soft even if highly decorated, allowing you to develop maximum creativity even with shading effects.
SAVER can be used on any tissue product with 2 or more plies.