Riding the Vacuum, the third episode of Nordmeccanica Events


    Nordmeccanica has created a new episode of its Nordmeccanica Events, the live events that are feeding the company’s Piacenza-based corporate channel.
    This time, however, on stage is a very special technology, such as vacuum metallization: huge machines that create vacuum chambers, where large rolls of plastic material are metallized to become the raw material for the latest generation of packaging.
    To build a live show around this energy-intensive system requires an extremely accurate technical set up and direction. Once started, the machine certainly cannot be stopped, advancing inexorably towards the completion of the process, and yet the various phases to be documented are very fast and complex to film, inside the large watertight chamber where the vacuum is created.

    365 Productions has therefore set up an “aggressive” set up to dominate this “monster”. 12 cameras, 3 live stages, 4 hours of emission, Riding the Vacuum was a live spectacle of the whole process with the machine closing, roaring, creating the vacuum, raising the temperature to 1450 degrees, starting the metallization process with close up shows on the glowing aluminium blocks that evaporate and then “landing” happily opens and from there the material samples analyzed live come out. All as if it were the launch of Space X and its return to Earth.
    And in the meantime, the whole plant is active, the live protagonist of the story: in other departments connected live other machines are processing the materials previously produced, the laboratories are analysing the samples. The moments where the story of the process is less effective are filled with raids on captivating themes. Nordmeccanica, for example, is one of the sponsors of Ferrari and the LeMans 24 Hours in a marriage of different universes of speed.

    The industry can therefore give rise to exciting narratives – “events” in the fullest sense of the word – in an unexpected way. Beyond the classic canons of the event, its frontal presentations, the show room at the fair, the “slides” and the numbers.
    And for industry it is unthinkable to stop communicating its vocation for innovation, especially for a leading company, even and above all in a period of transformation and change like the one underway.
    Nordmeccanica has decided to bypass the problem: if the major trade fairs are closed, if customers can no longer move around, we make sure that customers come to us.
    This third episode also saw clients and prospects from all over the world, including China with a dedicated issue, with two different daily broadcasts, for the different time zones. The fourth is now being prepared, on air at the beginning of 2021. Industry is the backbone of the economy and even in these difficult times it must continue to communicate in order to continue to produce.