RE: GmbH and Comexi collaborate to revolutionize plastic packaging production


Re: GmbH and Comexi proudly announce their pioneering partnership with the objective of advancing digitization within the plastic extrusion and packaging sector, aiming to set new industry benchmarks. In a joint effort, the companies are embracing a holistic approach that allows plastic processors and packaging producers to seamlessly connect their entire shopfloor, unveiling unprecedented optimization potential. 

Graphic_RE_Comexi_ partnership

Plastic processors and packaging producers worldwide struggle with integrating data from their conversion processes into the broader production landscape. This encompasses a wide range of critical processes, from print quality and sealing to coating, lamination, and waste management. Existing isolated applications have hindered comprehensive process integration and thus eliminated valuable optimization opportunities. 

To tackle this challenge, RE: GmbH, a corporate start-up of the Reifenhäuser Group specializing in digital solutions for the industry, and Comexi, a trailblazing provider of printing, laminating, and slitting solutions, have united their expertise. “At Comexi, we strive to be at the forefront of groundbreaking advances in the packaging sector. Partnering with RE: GmbH is a consistent step for us to continue providing value to our customers. Our cooperation goes beyond merely integrating conversion processes. We are ushering in a new age of productivity, quality, and sustainability in the entire production chain,” states Jordi Sahun, Chief Innovation & Technology Officer at Comexi. 

Daniel Kajan, Director Product & Operations at RE:, further explains, “By integrating their conversion operations with the c.Hub Middleware, our customers will achieve unparalleled operational effectiveness, sharper decision-making, and a strong competitive advantage in a fast-paced market.” 

The development of the Comexi-to-c.Hub package is a cornerstone of this partnership. For instance, customers can now view and analyze data from Comexi flexographic printing presses in real-time, correlate it with other data from the production process, and document key quality parameters. “We hope that this cooperation will be a spark for the industry initiating further alliances. The c.Hub can integrate assets and systems of various ages, types, and vendors. The more innovators join our platform, the greater the disruptive power and the benefit to our customers”, emphasizes Daniel Kajan from RE:.