Pantec: Swiss perfection for a limitless creativity


    Pantec Print Decoration, located in Kradolf (CH), offers dedicated equipment for rotary and flatbed hot foil stamping & embossing, high performance vacuum foil savers and high speed & precision hologram placement

    At Labelexpo Pantec exhibited the new RHINO E, the sister machine of RHINO, the flatbed hot-foil embossing system already well established in the market for wine and spirit labels. Web speed or stroke frequency are not so critical, whereas an easy and fast tool change will be highly beneficial. With the launch of the new RHINO E, Pantec offers an embellishment system designed with shorter runs in mind and for printers that embellish only 20-30% of their labels, or also for digitally printed labels that need embellishment. By restricting the stroke frequency to 18’000 per hour, it was possible to build the RHINO E lighter and leaner. This stroke frequency still allows a web speed of up to 85 m/min, depending on the design, a speed well accepted for short runs.

    A transparent holo lens, placed in register by RHINO E, makes Riesling Kyburg a real eye catcher

    The tooling cassette of the RHINO E has been designed to accommodate frequent tool changes typically for short runs. There is no need to cut the foil or the substrate when changing the tooling, regardless of whether just a simple flat hot foiling or a more complex embossing tools are being used.
    The RHINO E has a 90° rotatable foil head in web direction or across the web, this option opens up the opportunity to do complex multi-foiling designs often required for high value products. In addition, the RHINO E can be equipped with two foil levels to maximize the foil saving, because the foils can be advanced in different steps.
    An intuitive, user-friendly HMI makes it easy for the operator to run the RHINO E. Beside the normal job data setting and storing, it calculates the optimal foil saving based on the design parameters of the label.

    A security patch with foil embossing in 3 steps by RHINO E makes Gin Kyburg a real eye-catcher

    René Abächerli, Head of Sales at Pantec declared during the press conference that “It is a growing challenge for brand owners to win the attention of the consumers. The label on a product plays an important role to win this attention and hence win the battle on the shelf; this is a reason because now product of any price and kind need an embellishment”. In such a situation to work well a label printer that wants to enter this fascinating and rewarding market depends to a high degree on the equipment used.

    Pantec SWIFT places up to 20 images – e.g. a Kurz Trustseal – per second. Each image is placed individual, therefore the expensive image roll is completely used after a job

    Pantec offer also SWIFT, a rotary system used to place 3D spatial images or lenses onto the label and shrink sleeves with perfect register. It takes over for the unwinder and rewinder of the press hot foil module. The combination of the Pantec vacuum technology and the use of the latest servo technology enables the SWIFT to place up to 20 single images per second. This results in a web speed of up to 120 m/min, depending on the design of the label. Placing every single image individually means, that the foil can be fully utilized with basically no waste at all. The SWIFT technology can also be used to save up to 95% of standard hot foil.