NEOS ready to participate in the UV-Days of the IST METZ Group


NEOS_UVDAYSAfter the recent participation in Metpack and Ligna 2023, a new and important international appointment for NEOS is coming. Taking up the invitation of IST INTECH, one of its UV LED lamp suppliers and organizer of the event, NEOS will participate in the eleventh edition of IST UV-Days, an initiative scheduled from 4 to 6 July 2023 in Nürtingen, Germany.

As the world’s leading UV curing technology provider for graphic arts and industrial applications using ultraviolet (UV)-light, the IST METZ Group has believed in this fair since its inception and has supported it to become an event of absolute international importance dedicated to UV ARC and UV LED technologies. Born in 2002, in fact, the event has evolved over the years, involving visitors from all over the world interested in finding an opportunity to meet and exchange through presentations, workshops and demonstrations. This edition will host 55 exhibitors, including NEOS and its inkjet printers for industrial use for the first time, and more than a thousand visitors from 41 countries are expected.

NEOS and its team will be present with two cutting-edge solutions, already presented and in recent months at Ligna and Metpack: the Fighter F-BELT and the Bombardier B-BELT.


The Italian company is enthusiastic about showing a new audience its indisputable wealth of experience in the development, design and manufacture of digital inkjet printers adaptable to many production needs and made even more performing by the use of totally tailor-made inks and an integrated vision system for fast and timely lost-nozzle-compensation and banding control.

A continuous research work that will also be highlighted with insights dedicated to the unique color management system of NEOS and to the set of software tools created to ensure uniformity of color between the different devices.

At the open house, the spotlight will be on the Neos Fighter F-BELT. Compatible with Water-Based and UV LED inks and with a wide range of accessories for drying and cross-linking inks and surface treatments. The Neos Fighter is a digital press of the highest quality, with speeds up to 120 m/min and configurations up to 12 color / pinning slots. Ideal for rigid or semi-rigid materials with a thickness of up to 50 mm by virtue of the conveyance of the vacuumed belt type, the machine ensures the maximum possible flexibility, ultrareliability, reduced preparation times for printing with the possibility of queueing several projects simultaneously and executing them in sequence. This particular type of printer is able to satisfy different applications on metal printing, plastic surfaces in the décor industry, book printing, advertising and much more, managing to work on multiple supports such as plastic films, melamine panels, aluminum, paper and wood.

The other solution on display, the Bombardier B-BELT module, is characterized by flexibility, quality, speed and modularity. Thanks to the use of the most modern print heads with dedicated software and electronics, all made in NEOS, guarantees excellent print quality. With a production speed of up to 120 m/min (with the possibility of increasing to 150); it offers print fronts from 600 to 2250 mm and a resolution from 600DPI to 1200DPI.

NEOS HMITwo solutions both extremely versatile, which can be installed in different production lines thanks to a hyper-specialized team used to designing taking into account every need and every device. A customized approach and the high technological level worthy of the most modern production lines, will allow the company, based in Modena, to stand out on the international scene for the quality of its products and for the advantages of digital in terms of flexibility of use, saving energy, material and time, features enhanced to the maximum in all NEOS technological solutions. In addition, there will be moments dedicated to the focus of the open house and therefore to the IST INTECH UV LED Curing system, the features of which have been accentuated and enhanced by the NEOS team when integrating it onto their NEOS print platform