Megabox: new production site and new technological investments


This Pesaro-based company has fifty years of history in the packaging sector, for different product sectors but especially for the Italian furniture industry


Ivano Angeli, President of Megabox

“For our group, flexibility means listening directly to the customers and putting them in a position to quickly resolve the requests and problems they present us”. In support of the words of Ivano Angeli, president of Megabox, there are over 10 million investments for the new production site of around 12,000 covered sm, the commissioning of an Engico 4800 Dual Size 66/99” casemaker with in-line seaming and gluing. The whole Engico line together with the pallet inserter by Para and OMS strapping machines have been certified industry 4.0. Furthermore, the machinery includes a 2400 casemaker, two 3700 die cutters with easy cutters, all by Bendazzoli.
Megabox is part of a group that employs a total of 120 employees, invoices 52 million a year and includes two other companies, which complete the production chain. Inpack (based near Pesaro), specializing in corner pieces and protections in both corrugated andfolding carton sector, which has a production of over 30 million pieces per year on about 200 standard items always ready and a myriad of exclusive items for the customer. “We are leaders in Italy in this specific sector”, emphasizes Angeli.
Ondulati del Savio produces corrugated cardboard (in waves E, B, C, EB, BB, BC) on a 2800 BHS/FOSBER corrugating line; moreover, in the Cesena site, for about 20 years has been produced continuous form in corrugated cardboard, which serves to directly supply the various box on demand systems of end customers, the users of boxes. “We are ready to make other investments in this production site – announces the president – the first of which will concern the extension of the site of about 10,000 sm”. Subsequently the current factory will be restructured, where the new corrugating line will be installed to replace the one currently in production, with the aim of further improving product quality and productivity levels.

“Having the best resources and technologically advanced machinery is what allows us to be competitive, because having the world’s leading suppliers in their areas of expertise is a fundamental richness of the company”.

Megabox’s partner: from the left Antonella, Romina, Lorenzo and Ivano Angeli

In short, Ivano Angeli is implementing a real paradigm shift, “to let Megabox become a modern company, where products have high quality and respect the highest environmental standards”. Hence also the choice to build ex novo the Vallefoglia factory, focusing on a priority: “It had to be, and has been realized in this way, pleasant for our collaborators, because I want them to work in a healthy, comfortable and technologically advanced place”. The offices are Passivhaus certified, “a voluntary standard, which is based on maximum energy efficiency and allows us, for this reason, not only to contribute to reducing carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere, but also to have significant energy savings, that are almost zero, considering that on the roof is also installed a photovoltaic system with a power of about 300 kW, which makes the company energy self-sufficient.

Megabox is above all the Angeli family, which founded in 1969 the company, today controlled by the second generation: tenacity, determination, and desire to do are today in DNA of Ivano, who guides the company and of her sister Antonella , which follows the administration, of cousins Romina, who is in charge of logistics, and Lorenzo, head of the sales office.