Lovechock celebrates 10 years’ “PlasticFree” with NatureFlex!


It is 10 years since Lovechock made the move to renewable and compostable NatureFlex cellulose films and ditched conventional plastic packaging for good.

NatureFlex™ films are produced from sustainable wood pulp harvested from responsibly managed plantations of fast-growing trees. They are certified to both EU (EN13432) and US (ASTM D6400) composting standards. In addition to industrial composting, which requires specific temperature and moisture conditions, NatureFlex has also reached the TŰV Austria OK Compost Home standard required for backyard composting. The films easily break down in a home compost bin in just 8 to 10 weeks. NatureFlex films offer excellent barrier to aroma, gas, and moisture to protect and preserve the delicious raw chocolate bars.

NatureFlex films’ renewable and compostable accreditations are what led Lovechock to switch their packaging back in 2011, claiming to be the first chocolate manufacturer in Europe to have their full raw chocolate range packaged in these sustainable films. This goes hand-in-hand with Lovechock’s pioneering spirit to lead the change for more ethical and sustainable products.

Lovechock make their delicious chocolates using RAW cacao that is processed very gently and at low temperature, ensuring that important vitamins, minerals, and flavanols are preserved within the product; “Pure Goodness that nurtures body, mind and planet”.

“I am absolutely overjoyed that awareness around plastic pollution has grown so much in the last four years. And that we were able to play our role as pioneers in raising awareness amongst consumers and helping them to change their behaviour towards a more sustainable future“, saud Franziska Rosario, Lovechock CEO.

“We are delighted that Lovechock has chosen NatureFlex films for their sustainable packaging solution. Our films have proven technical performance, while ethical consumers know they can trust our independently certified compostable films”, concluded Andy Sweetman, Sales & Marketing Director Futamura EMEA.