Kongsberg Ultimate: the new frontier in digital cutting of corrugated cardboard


With a live event directly from the Ghent headquarters in Belgium, Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems (Kongsberg PCS) last November 30th presented to the world of corrugated cardboard packaging the new Kongsberg Ultimate digital cutting platform: an innovative, productive, highly performing solution with high standards of precision and safety

kongsberg presentazione

In recent years Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems has not only become a standalone company in its own right, but has also made important strategic acquisitions, such as that of the US company MultiCam with which the company carries out the development of new technologies in synergy and solutions for digital cutting in various application areas.


At the center of this launch, which saw the presence of around seventy guests at Ghent headquarters, including Converter together with 4 other global publications, was the latest designed innovation. And developed for the corrugated cardboard sector: the new Kongsberg Ultimate, a leap of technology and innovation, also built with a sustainable perspective by a team of passionate engineers.

“We understand that corrugated and display converters need precise tools, and the Kongsberg Ultimate table aims to redefine industry standards, ushering in a new era of productivity and innovation, and delivering a rapid return on investment”, comments Stuart Fox, president and CEO of Kongsberg PCS. “The platform optimizes operations and offers a significant competitive advantage, as well as offering itself as a new point of reference to outline the development of corrugated cardboard production in the coming years. With this presentation we underline our leadership in the corrugated sector, in fact every machine designed is created following valuable discussions with the companies with which we constantly liaise to improve our solutions”, begins visibly excited and full of energy Stuart Fox, president of Kongerberg Precision Cutting Systems.

The details of Kongsberg Ultimate

The new digital cutting plotter is the perfect combination of precision, productivity, safety, good user experience and sustainability.

kongsberg prodottoFeaturing new control technology, an impressive acceleration speed of up to 2.74 G and a remarkable cutting speed of 168 meters per minute, Kongsberg Ultimate is the result of extensive research and development work by Kongsberg PCS. The Kongsberg Ultimate project incorporates six key values and represents a qualitative leap in technology because it aims to solve the typical problems of corrugated cardboard converting, characterized by high volumes of numerous batches.

“Corrugated converters around the world face increasing pressure to produce faster, safer and more efficiently to meet global market demands. For this reason we are committed to providing an optimal solution in terms of precision and productivity”, adds Fox.


The six key values that guided the development of Kongsberg Ultimate

Productivity: thanks to a new control system and the new crossbar, Kongsberg Ultimate is synonymous with latest generation design and performance. It allows a significant increase in productivity and a rapid return on investment. During the development phase, 43 different corrugated cardboard jobs were cut by different customers to test the impact of acceleration on x and y axes and the result was +25% speed on the axes and +56% acceleration.

Precision: Kongsberg Ultimate’s custom crossbar, built in carbon fiber with extreme attention to detail, provides unrivaled rigidity and applies a constant 50 kg of pressure. The tool head camera further improves precision: every cut is perfectly in line with the most rigorous industry standards.

Security: The Kongsberg Smartzone™ security solution is an innovative two-zone system with proximity control, developed for a perfect combination of security and efficiency. The intuitive LED lights also allow to always keep under control the status of the machine, for a safe and productive working environment. 2 laser scanners positioned on both sides of the machine’s cutting bar protect the operators. If the operator gets close, the machine starts to slow down and if the operator gets too close, the machine stops completely and the laser that is green when is working, turns red. The control systems located throughout the machine respect the modular concept of the system. Furthermore, centralized control would have meant cables running all over the machine and external control booths.
A cage to protect the cutting tools has also been inserted to protect the operator from accidental damage.
The tools for corrugated cardboard converting are those already used on the previous generation and  repurposed because they are highly performing and tested for these materials. The new cutting head has instead been redesigned with 3 slots.


Uptime: thanks to new features for self-diagnostic alerts and remote operation, combined with advanced technologies found in other industries, Kongsberg Ultimate offers maximum uptime and usage.

User experience: operators are the beating heart of every production. Starting from this premise, Kongsberg Ultimate is equipped with the intuitive IPC 3.0 interface with touch screen to improve the operator experience. Easily accessible buttons on the machine make every task easier.

Sustainability: Kongsberg Ultimate makes extensive use of recycled and easily recyclable materials, and other materials with reduced environmental impact, because Kongsberg PCS is committed to a greener future. Various plastic components of the machine have been replaced with 100% recycled metal, also avoiding hybrid materials which are therefore not recyclable or which in any case require intermediate operations to be recycled.
Also interesting is the recovery of the energy generated to stop the machine which is accumulated and finally returned to the machine during acceleration.

“We have worked creatively to ensure that our future is based on a machine that customers and our team can be proud of. Kongsberg Ultimate not only marks an evolution, but a leap in quality in corrugated production technology, and underlines our great commitment to the future of this sector. This extraordinary achievement consolidates Kongsberg PCS’s position as an industry leader and confirms that our innovations help companies grow in an ever-changing market”, commented Stuart Fox during the presentation of the new digital cutting table at Kongsberg headquarters in Ghent, Belgium.


Kongsberg Ultimate was the central focus of a cutting demo, with sheet loading, box cutting and automatic unloading. The same model will soon be presented with a robot for the automatic handling of loading and unloading, a robot that can serve one or more cutting plotters. Kongsberg Precision Cutting System will obviously be present at Drupa where it will exhibit its latest technological innovation.

Davide Dal Col

Face to face with Davide Dal Col, CEO of B+B International

During the event which saw the global launch of Kongsberg Ultimate in Ghent, there were around seventy people present, some customers from all over the world, the management team of Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems, a selection of European journalists including Converter for Italy and the historic exclusive Italian retailer B+B INTERNATIONAL SRL, represented by its president Luciano Bortolini and Davide Dal Col, CEO, with them we exchanged first immediate impressions.

Davide, can you describe the first impact with this new technology and what struck you?

“An enormous satisfaction, once again the Kongsberg team has created a specific technology for packaging and displays capable of outlining a new technological standard in digital die-cutting. What struck me is the mix of extremely cutting-edge innovations which, when put together, develop truly exceptional performances”.

What are features that will be most appreciated by Italian converters?

“The characteristics that will be appreciated most are productivity, efficiency and reliability, also determined by the innovative loading and unloading automation systems”.

 What is the profile of the ideal company able to use in production an important and highly technological system like Kongsberg Ultimate?

“The target audience is the company producing corrugated cardboard packaging and displays. However, given the range of raw materials required by our customers, Kongsberg Ultimate is also able to process folding cardboard or rigid materials”.