Kappadue Arti Grafiche grows in the gluing department and confirms its trust in Heidelberg


The company of Ramon di Loria (TV), has recently added a brand new MK Diana folder-gluer, marketed by Heidelberg, to its cardboard converting department, which joins another gluing line and an Easymatrix die-cutter also by MK. What makes the difference in the company managed by Favero family is passion, dedication to work, great attention to human resources and top quality customer service.

Andrea Favero e Lorenzo Ariberti
Andrea Favero, responsabile commerciale Kappadue Arti Grafiche e Lorenzo Ariberti, business driver post-press di Heidelberg Italia

The story of Kappadue Arti Grafiche tells the evolution of the printing, graphic and packaging industry, and deserves to be told because it is a beautiful example of how a reality started in 1989 as printing and prepress company, has been capable over the years of change skin and reappear on the market in a new guise. The turning point came in 2002, with Andrea Favero joining the company as a printer, shortly followed by his brother Alberto, current production manager, sons of Luigi, one of the founding partners, who then remained alone in command of the company. The prepress company transforms itself, and maintaining the graphic and plate production department, it also inserts a first 50×70 4-color printing machine by Heidelberg and begins to take its first steps in the world of graphic industry with a complete offer for the sector editorial and commercial, until 2012, when another strategic change takes place for the company’s future. Andrea Favero, after gaining experience in the printing department, takes on the role of sales manager, and with great curiosity, passion, study and desire to grow, begins to acquire orders in the cardboard converting sector. In the meantime Kappadue Arti Grafiche expands, and in 2015 inserts a new Heidelberg CD 70×100 5-color printing machine + varnish unit, ideal for printing paper and cardboard for packaging, with the support of external suppliers for die-cutting and gluing.

Kappadue Arti Grafiche: from printer to converter the step is short

“I like studying the market, the procedures of the various processes, acquiring specific skills and know-how, to always be one step ahead of the customer’s requests. Our investments have always been made after we had acquired enough customers and volumes of work to justify the investment”, tells us Andrea Favero, who in 2018 decided to expand his structure by opening the cardboard converting department with an Easymatrix 106 CS die-cutter and a first MK Diana Easy 85 folder-gluer, marketed by Heidelberg.

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“In the space of 4 years, Kappadue Arti Grafiche, which had already had the opportunity to appreciate the quality of our printing solutions, decided to rely on us to create its post-press department. We are happy to have accompanied this beautiful reality in their growth path and we are always available and at their side also for future projects”, tells us Lorenzo Ariberti, Business Driver post-press of Heidelberg Italia.

Technological investments for better productivity

With the Easymatrix 106 CS, the Treviso-based company has inserted an automatic die-cutter, chosen in a raised configuration with trim extractor, in the 75x106cm format but capable of guaranteeing the die-cutting of sheets with minimum size of 36×40 cm. This machine can process materials from 80/90 g/m2, up to 2000 g/m2 for flat cardboard and 4 mm for corrugated cardboard. As far as gluing is concerned, the first folder-gluer installed in 2018 was a Diana Easy 85, an extremely versatile machine, capable of processing 85 cm of maximum width format and 20 mm closed cases in the minimum format. Basically, the Diana Easy 85 guarantees the production of linear cases, snap-lock bottom boxes, up to 4-6 corners, even if this is not the case for Kappadue Arti Grafiche.

The latest arrival is the Diana Easy 115 folder-gluer, which guarantees the production of a larger format than the first line, and in addition to in-line cases and with automatic bottom production, it has a series of devices to process corrugated cardboard such as the lengthened exit with joggers and quality checks. The two lines, although quite similar, and interchangeable for some processes, are to be considered complementary.

kappadue produzione

With the Diana Easy 85, the new Diana Easy 115 shares the semi-automatic Easypacker module which favors and improves the collection of cases at the end of the line and helps the operator to speed up the boxing operations of the finished product. The Easypacker is moved according to needs on the first or second folder-gluer which work practically side by side.

“I am extremely satisfied with the machines we have chosen, the production quality is excellent, but above all we have reached levels of productivity, also thanks to the automations inserted, which have allowed us to approach new markets and new customers. Since we have everything internally, it has happened that we have delivered a job, printed and packaged, just 3 days after receiving the file”, adds Favero.

Projects for the future: there is a desire to continue growing

Kappadue produzione

The company, which however has never abandoned the paper market, is today a point of reference for the Triveneto area above all and for northern Italy more generally, for companies and brands that need a partner capable of following the customer from creation of the file up to the aspects of logistics, warehouse and auxiliary services, which, as Andrea Favero tells us, are the ones most appreciated by the customer. “As regards the cardboard converting market, we mainly work for the food supplements and cosmetics sector, then we have customers in the food, confectionery and industrial sectors. To improve customer service and relieve them of a series of problems, we are also organized to fill the boxes we produce for them with the various products, and then deliver orders ready for the point of sale”, adds Favero.

Always with a view to customer service, the company also has two digital printing lines and an automatic die-cutter to meet the needs of sampling and small packaging productions and a hot stamping machine for enhancement of printed matter with the most varied laminations.

With the introduction of the converting lines, the company had to open a second office, still in the immediate vicinity, as the space required was no longer sufficient. Furthermore, there was a need to expand the warehouse of finished products. The plans for the future are to further expand the cardboard converting department, but first it will be necessary to bring the company together under a single structure.

“We want to continue growing, the results are proving us right, and I also take this opportunity to thank all my 30 collaborators. Technologies are important, but any company can buy them. The passion, the desire to learn, the professionalism that my collaborators put into the field every day, I believe is the most precious resource and lifeblood for a reality like ours”, concludes Andrea Favero