Innovative Solution Installed at Nuceria Group’s Milan Plant

From the left: Guido Iannone, President Southern Europe & Global Spirits, All4Labels with Angelo Tribocco, Sales Manager of Nilpeter Italy

Nuceria Group, a long-time Nilpeter partner and part of All4Labels, has expanded their rich design portfolio with the installation of Nilpeter’s new High-Build InkJet Varnish Unit on their MO-4 combination offset press.

First in Italy
The installation is the first of its kind in Italy and follows Nuceria’s strategy of setting new industry standards in terms of flexibility, customisation, and supply chain excellence.
The new High-Build Varnish InkJet Unit offers extensive embellishment capabilities perfect for requirements in the health, personal care, wine & spirits segments, to name a few. Featuring a robust industrial design, the High-Build Varnish InkJet Unit is touch-screen based, with an easy-to-use Graphic User Interface. The unit supports a wide range of substrates, such as PP, PE, PET, and foil, and can be positioned at any point in the press configuration.

Raising the Bar with Flexibility, Customisation and Supply Chain Excellence
“The new high-build InkJet print bar allows us to achieve faster delivery times with high embellishment jobs, and the increased agility offers economic benefits without compromising quality. This is the latest development in our historic collaboration with Nilpeter, who continues to raise the bar with flexibility, customisation and supply chain excellence. In tune with the industry-wide growth of digital technology, I think this will create huge opportunities for our companies,” says Guido Iannone, President Southern Europe & Global Spirits, All4Labels.

High Laydown Technology
HL technology can be used to create rich textures – emulating expensive substrates, enhancing beautiful designs or providing grip – which interact with light in ways that are often underutilised in packaging design. HL technology can be combined with flood coat matt varnish for emulating micro embossing techniques used in paper manufacture or digitally applied embossing effects to text or image details. When combined with a lamination/foil bar, the unit enables extreme foil effects to be produced for added impact.

Increased Production Rates
The High-Build Varnish InkJet Unit provides a lower overall cost of production, less material waste, faster make-ready, and increased production rates compared to traditional methods. Furthermore, product shelf-appeal is increased with little to no extra costs for screens, plates or similar.

New Highs in Creativity and Quality
“We are extremely excited to continue our close partnership with Nuceria. The integration of the new High-Build Varnish InkJet Unit in the MO-Line creates a winning instrument that enables Nuceria to reach new heights in terms of creativity and quality, while maintaining high levels of competitiveness. Furthermore, collectively, we strongly believe this will increase business satisfaction with Nuceria’s large existing brand customers, which is paramount for any new technology investment,” says Angelo Tribocco, Sales Manager of Nilpeter Italy.