Innovation and Performance: BFT CARBON powers up its new Robassomero site (Turin)


The company, part of the BFT Group holding, is pleased to announce that the new BFT CARBON facility located in Robassomero, Turin, has achieved full operational status. This milestone marks the beginning of a new era for the plant, which sees offices and production/assembly lines operating at full capacity.


The Turin region is well known for its dense technological fabric and extensive know-how in the field of carbon fiber.

With great enthusiasm, BFT CARBON joins this context, bringing innovation and expertise to a key sector for the future of advanced materials. A particularly proud element for the company is the full activation of the Belotti S.p.A. CNC machine, a symbol of the commitment to excellence and precision. This cutting-edge tool allows for the production of superior quality carbon fiber products, combining the best available technologies with the company’s dedication to innovation. Carbon fiber represents the future of advanced materials, offering an unmatched combination of strength and lightness. BFT CARBON’s mission is to explore the endless possibilities offered by this material in the printing market, constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation and technology.