Imballaggi San Martino and Italbox Imballaggi Spa: information flows reorganized thanks to the Dynapack ERP


Dynapack, the ERP developed by Noratech, an IT solutions company, is the protagonist of these two success stories involving two leading Italian corrugated cardboard packaging companies: Imballaggi San Martino and Italbox Imballaggi

The story of Imballaggi San Martino is the result of a successful entrepreneurial vision that began more than 40 years ago, in 1982. With passion and foresight, the company has been able to grow and expand following the double track of technological innovation and logistic expansion, up to the current 16,000 m2 covered in a hub that boasts excellent production lines.

Noratech Pasquale e Diego san martino Dynapack
From left Pasquale Raffoul. Analyst consultant Dynapack e Diego Gorio, Owner of Imballaggi San Martino

Imballaggi San Martino challenge and the meeting with Dynapack

Noratech san martino2Where there is development and growth, there are organizational needs to overcome and complex information to manage. It is at this point that the company decides to adopt a new ERP for cardboard converting sector: Dynapack. Diego Gorio, firmly at the helm of Imballaggi San Martino together with his father Gian Battista, tells us: “the challenge that we won together with Dynapack team was to manage all the pre-sales activity and the information chain that begins with customer’s request, goes through the sampling and quotation phase, to end with the generation of the offer and any subsequent order. A flow of information that is now entirely entrusted to Dynapack”.

The ability to use data coherently will be the determining asset in the digital revolution. One of Dynapack’s strengths is its vocation and exclusive attention to the world of packaging, with a focus on logistics and management of the entire production cycle.

The line that unites planning, economic- commercial and production parts is enclosed within a single system. An important aspect for Imballaggi San Martino. “Thanks to Dynapack” – continues Diego Gorio “we have reorganized the sales office and provided support to commercial agents. With all the information no longer scattered across different software, but contained in a single environment, our agents can make decisions which are both targeted and strategic”.

The modern, adaptable, and dynamic ERP made in Italy

Noratech italbox_new_2 DynapackDynapack took shape in 2018, when a group of very young and determined programmers, supported by analysts with renowned expertise in the packaging and corrugated cardboard sector, worked side by side to give life to the tailor-made software which would soon make its way in the market.

Dynapack provides those who produce packaging with all the tools necessary for real-time control of the various areas. From the management of the passive cycle with orders and purchase’s function, to the active cycle of technical product development, sampling, offer, order generation and shipping. The software is designed to exchange information with any system: finance systems, production schedulers, technical drawing systems and so on. Furthermore, the new WMS module also allows to manage the storage of goods in the warehouse and the loading of the transport vehicle.

We mentioned above the strengths of this ERP. However, Luca Filippucci, co-owner of Noratech together with Cristian Cassina, tells us the real plus of the software: “the added value undoubtedly comes from a very young team inclined towards innovation, supported by analysts with matured skills in the sector and specialized know-how. A combination for which our customers appreciate us. Dynapack exploits cutting-edge technologies and programming methodologies, which have allowed Noratech to race against time and create competitive software in just 5 years. Our ERP is adaptable and dynamic, easy to update and highly customizable as regards forms for customer”.

Among the most expert consultants, Alessandro Minoccheri, with twenty years of experience in the sector, was among the first to believe in the Dynapack project, describing the potential of the new ERP and completing the first negotiations and installations of the solution.

Noratech Alessandro Minoccheri DynapackAnd it is Alessandro Minoccheri, one of Noratech’s senior analyst consultants, who defines Dynapack as “the new generation software that embodies that innovation and dynamism that allow a projection towards the future. The profound knowledge of the product, of tailor-made software development and of the dynamics of the packaging sector of the senior figures of the team and that of partners such as dr.corr and Chicotec, combines with the passion of a team of guys with the innate gift of transforming into concrete solutions the changing needs typical of the sector. In a short time, extremely competent professional figures have emerged, focused on the dynamics of cardboard world, capable of proactively collaborating with our customers to achieve the objectives of each of them”.

Italbox Imballaggi Spa and Dynapack, a solid partnership

Noratech italbox_new_1Dynapack is also proud of another partnership, the one with Italbox Imballaggi Spa, an integrated company created with special attention to the ceramics sector, which has been able to respond firmly to the challenges of the market by installing the latest generation corrugator in 2015. To date, with more than 50 years of experience under its belt, and thanks also to the expansion of its production lines with advanced machinery, the company is continuously growing.

The spirit of innovation, combined with the desire to offer increasingly higher quality solutions to customers, lead Italbox to choose Dynapack. Claudio Caroli, commercial director of Italbox, talks to us about the requests he put on the table of Noratech analysts: “our need was to reorganize the purchase of paper volumes through the study of the combinations produced on the corrugator. By taking advantage of the historical data of the combinations, today we can establish which are the best heights and weights of paper to buy, thus reducing the immobilization of the material in the warehouse”.

Measuring and tracking paper volumes has allowed Italbox to obtain FSC certification. “Dynapack manages the certifications for paper purchases and box sales, in such a way that the entire production cycle of certified paper is traced”, continues Claudio Caroli, who concludes: Dynapack’s advantage is not only its flexibility and ability to continuously adapt to new machinery and production needs; behind this ERP there is a team capable of understanding and adopting the needs of a niche sector like ours, a dynamic and flexible team, just like Dynapack is”.