Hybrid Software formula for success: F ~ i4.0 * C2


Hybrid Software’s and their customers future is based on Guido´s formula for success. In the formula F is future, and C is customer care: this means that in the future you must use Industry 4.0, but also extreme customer care

On the day that was scheduled to open drupa 2020, Hybrid Software has introduced with a webinar a number of new revolutionary features to its product line of automated production workflow, advanced editing, customizable job ticketing, customer-facing e-commerce portals and version control for critical production files.

“The way we see it, our future is dependent upon the latest, innovative technologies multiplied by extreme customer care: customer squared. We all face a common challenge—the need for connectivity and access to real-time insights. Industry 4.0 focuses on machine and software interconnectivity, which links physical production with smart digital technologies. It lets us serve all our customers on the packaging supply chain—the marriage of technology and customer care”, notes Guido Van der Schueren, Chairman of Hybrid Software. “It means that while our future is reliant upon technology, we must take care of our customers. This will be particularly important during the post Covid-19 restart—and Hybrid is offering new solutions that will do just that”.

Packz 6.0: prepress production, automated and easier for digital and flexo
Hybrid Software has released announced Packz 6.0, the latest version of the powerful native PDF prepress production tool designed for labels and packaging. This step change has undergone a metamorphosis with a new user interface and fascinating new features, which include: Pactions, with revolutionary automation, lets Packz record and edit series of routine tasks, and store them as action lists; Packzimizer automatically and optimally imposes designs based on job information such as quantity or substrate, for output on digital presses; VDP Execute and Boosters, the Packz variable data printing solution lets label and packaging converters augment designs with variable text, varying colors and images, numbers and barcodes; PDF X-4 support to increase the security of file exchange between the different stakeholders in the production chain, Packz can now export this widely accepted industry standard.

With Stepz 6.0, Hybrid Software now offers a separate, entry-level version of their award-winning PACKZ product. Its reduced feature set is designed for quick implementation and ease of use; specifically useful for digital print. Stepz is also available with a useful set of optional feature extensions, such as expanded step-and-repeat or variable data printing.

Cloudflow: enterprise server applications deliver global quality and efficiency
With more than 750 installations, Cloudflow server software for file and asset management, soft proofing, and workflow automation has been updated with new features.

Tectonics software saves flexo plate material, reduces waste, and optimizes the use of flexo CTP devices by optimizing the layout of jobs. As a result, the software has a typical return on investment within the first six months.

Intelligent Flexo: While digital print gets much attention, flexo is still considered the most important packaging print technology. HYBRID has worked with industry partners to improve quality in a repeatable, automated way—independent of CTP brand or plate vendor. The technology analyzes customer feedback, applies years of R&D, and arrives at solutions that deliver measurable quality flexo improvement.

VDP (Variable Data Printing): A prime application for digital printing and an InterTech™ Technology Award recipient, the VDP PDF document structure has been optimized to work seamlessly and quickly on existing digital DFEs. Moreover, the Harlequin-based Cloudflow RIP processes these jobs at lightning speeds, taking full advantage of customers’ investments in digital presses.

Hybrid Software has developed tools and technologies to facilitate deployment and management of its technology across many global sites and companies, large and small. For many of these, Hybrid Software applications facilitate links to ERP or MIS systems.

Hybrid Software technology works with more and more industry applications
Cloudflow has direct support for many popular digital devices and software systems. New connections include: Xeikon ThermoflexX has chosen Hybrid as OEM partner for its new ThermoflexX Catena flexo plate imagers. Hybrid Tectonics helps optimize flexo plates; new drivers for EyeC, GlobalVision and BST eltromat quality assurance and inspection systems help improve process automation; Hybrid Software’s Datalink module uses a pre-configured connector to bridge the gap between CERM or Label Traxx MIS and Cloudflow.