FTA Europe launches new technical projects on ISO standards, test forms, and the FTA Europe Toolbox


    FTA Europe is pleased to announce that its Technical Committee is working on three new projects to advance the flexo printing industry.
    The first project will analyse ISO standards and their use by flexo printers – with a view to contributing to the development of new standards. The second seeks to define a test form which can easily verify the capabilities of a flexo press. The third project, due to start later in the year, will focus on the next stages of the FTA Europe Flexo Best Practice Toolbox, currently on sale on Apple Books and iTunes.

    The member associations of FTA Europe appointed experts from each of their countries to participate in the projects. The teams for project 1 and 2 met for the first time this month. Both printers and suppliers are represented, meaning the Technical Committee is working with the whole industry in mind.
    Leading the first project on ISO standards is Chair Tim Claypole (WCPC/icm Print) and Vice Chair, and flexo expert, Stefano D’Andrea. For the second project on creating a test form, Kristof Lobeau (Athena Graphics) is Chair, with support from Juan Campillos (Hubergroup) as Vice Chair. The third project on the Toolbox, has Silvano Tamai (tesa) as Chair, and Johan Holmström (Sweflex) as Vice Chair.

    Flexo is a fast-growing sector. The project topics were chosen to reflect the level of innovation and development happening in flexo firms. These projects will provide tangible support to companies in our sector.

    FTA Europe sincerely thanks all our chairs and project team members for dedicating time in their busy schedules to work towards the common goal of furthering the flexo industry.