From DS Smith a new packaging for fresh food which reduces plastic up to 85%


    Made in collaboration with MULTIVAC, Eco Bowl combines food protection with that of the environment, being an easily separable and recyclable solution

    DS Smith, a leader in sustainable packaging, and MULTIVAC, a specialist in innovative packaging solutions, have collaborated in the development of a new sustainable solution for fresh and frozen food.

    ECO Bowl reduces plastic up to 85% compared to conventional solutions on the market, while ensuring that all foods, from frozen to fresh and ready ones, maintain their freshness and conservation thanks to performance of the packaging.
    ECO Bowl is made up of easily separable paper and plastic components favoring the correct delivery of waste through separate collection, it also requires minimal plastic use. These characteristics meet the needs of consumers on the European market: plastic is in fact considered by seven out of ten Europeans as a material whose use is to be kept under control, while one in two Europeans said he paid more attention to selection and recycling more waste than he did five years ago.
    ECO Bowl is a solution that has already been tested on the German market, thanks to the use by amidori, a manufacturer of alternative products to meat. Today the solution is ready to be marketed across Europe.

    “We are thrilled with the success that ECO Bowl is having, which shows what may be the benefits for customers when they choose to implement this new generation of packaging in their supply chains” commented Marc Chiron, Sales, Marketing & Innovation Director Packaging at DS Smith. “The innovation behind ECO Bowl shows DS Smith’s progress in encouraging greater sustainability in retail and, thanks to our partnership with MULTIVAC, we are committed to driving the circular economy on a larger scale”.
    The new product comes at a time when a research commissioned by DS Smith has shown that recyclable products that still end up in landfills cost the economy up to 390 million euros per year. By developing a product that consumers can easily differentiate, DS Smith and MULTIVAC can guarantee a more environmentally friendly result.
    “We are constantly working on innovative solutions that reduce the amount of packaging materials and on packaging concepts that meet current needs in terms of resource efficiency and recyclability. ECO Bowl represents an example of this work” said Bernd Lasslop, Vice President Partner Products & Consumables at MULTIVAC.