Flowers and plants: even the packaging must be ecological


Florists and nursery gardeners are also focusing on the circular model, but new suppliers are needed to convert the supply chain. The Analysis Center of Matchplat, a company specializing in the creation of B2B market analyzes based on Artificial Intelligence, has produced a report that identifies the target companies for producers of flowers, plants and seeds, providing a map of the packaging production centers in cellulose that develop solutions dedicated to flowers and plants

MP_Analysis Center_Fiori

Starting from Comieco’s official data, Matchplat’s analysis provides a map that highlights the paper and cardboard packaging production centers for flowers and plants market and thus helps producers identify new possible suppliers. For the nursery, garden and landscape sector, which in Italy is worth around 2.8 billion euros (2021 data) and which has seen a boom in online purchases, identifying production centers for eco-sustainable and recyclable packaging is an actuality topic.

Italian gardening sector knows how to put beauty at the center of its proposals, but it has also shown itself to be a sector capable of grasping an important transformation of the market. This is also confirmed by Giuseppe Ghelfi, president of the Paper, Graphics, Publishing category of Confindustria Lecco and Sondrio: “in the last two years we have noticed a marked increase in the use of paper and cardboard in the floricultural sector. The trend is driven by the awareness, born in the consumer in general, but which finds even more attention in this sector, that packaging must be sustainable and based on a circular economy. These expressions find in paper and cardboard virtuous results capable of representing a best practice to be imitated in other sectors as well. Each packaging is unique and tells the story of the product, speaks to the individual consumer and helps him obtain information, in the logistics chain it helps improve orders and minimize stocks and waste less resources, as well as improving the entire value chain”.


The report

Matchplat has identified the cellulose packaging production centers that develop solutions dedicated to flowers and plants and has discovered that they are distributed mainly between Lombardy and Emilia Romagna, even if some centers are also present in Lazio, Campania and Puglia. Starting from the official data of Comieco (2751 member companies), they used their Explore platform to isolate companies with solutions for floriculture. The goal was to identify only the companies that declared on their website to offer specific packaging in recyclable materials: there are 26 companies in total.