Flint Group, Soma and Marvaco presented a sustainable way of high quality package printing through a webinar


    A shortage of resources and global climate change are front and center as critical topics within the packaging industries. These critical topics demand an urgent response from all participants in the packaging value chain.
    Flint Group is pleased to collaborate with SOMA and Marvaco to produce eco-friendly, full High Definition, Expanded Gamut Print (EGP) on film samples to support the SOMA Online Product Launch Webinar on July 9, 2020. During this seminar, real-time printing of two print designs were printed.
    Flint Group Flexographic and Flint Group Packaging Inks are focused on addressing the key issues that face printers and converters today. Printers are looking for simplified business solutions and products. In response, Flint Group provides products, which are developed using sustainably sourced and regulatory compliant materials supplied through dependable and strategically located global facilities.
    Printers and converters are looking for innovative technologies to address their current and future needs. Flint Group provides inks and plate technologies specifically designed for expanded colour gamut applications and high definition printing. Innovations that are available in all areas of the world and are serviced through superb face to face technical support and via digital transaction platforms.
    Sustainability remains a critical focus for printers, converters, brand owners and consumers the world over. Flint Group has a clear sustainability platform strategy and offers print technologies designed to enhance the development of circular economies. The company is acutely aware of the latest trends related to packaging recycling and the effects of packaging on the environment.  Importantly, Flint Group is also aware of the value packaging provides in supporting the wellbeing of our global societies.

    Products supporting the demo prints during the webinar and the overall project include:

    • Flint Group Flexographic: nyloflex® FTS is a versatile flexo plate with inherent flat top dots for multiple segments, inks and substrates. The plate reduces complexity while providing highest print quality results.
    • Flint Group Packaging Inks: Featuring Flint Group’s ONECode next generation NC-based ink system for high performance surface and lamination work in conjunction with high opacity opaque whites.
    • Soma: Introducing the next generation of OPTIMA2 SOMA CI flexo press with new Intelligent Features as well as S-Mount automatic plate mounter. The Intelligent Features Package contributes to high quality printing, improved communications, and primarily helps to ensure a quick and easy change-over between jobs, while minimizing operator error.
    • Marvaco (flexo service leader in northern countries, with more than 70 professionals in Finland and Sweden that every year mange beyond 20.000 packaging artworks): GreenerPrinting EGP™ (Expanded Gamut Printing) – large colour gamut and accurate PMS colour simulation without any spot inks.

    During this innovative webinar, all participating partners exhibited the value of eco-friendly full HD Expanded Gamut Printing (EGP) on film and underlining their partnership.
    On this occasion they printed two very demanding designs, performing job changeover, and presenting new Intelligent Features of Optima2 flexo press by Soma. They demonstrated also automatic plate mounting using newly developed S-Mount mounter and slit designs on the latest model from slitter rewinder family Pluto, all by Soma.