Erhardt+Leimer – Hall 4 Stand D45


    The ELSCAN OMS3 is intended as an entry model to supplement the ELSCAN range, consisting previously of the OMS4 standard system and the OMS6 high-end system. ELSCAN systems are used for narrow and wide web applications with operating widths of 180 to 3,250 mm mainly in the printing, label printing and corrugated board industry. OMS3 is a compact system with an intelligent camera, which only contains the main functions and, in this way, enables a very inexpensive introduction to web monitoring.
    ELSCAN was introduced to the market in 2002 and has been sold 5000 times worldwide so far, initially as ELSCAN mikro and then as ELSCAN OMS2. This video system is now being sold under the name OMS4.6. It has recently been completely overhauled and is now available in the fifth generation. New features include multitouch operation, the user interface design with fewer keys and a configurable toolbar as well as the new UHD camera for applications such as printed electronics or digital printing applications in which maximum precision is required.
    For very high demands on the image quality, E+L offers the ELSCAN variant OMS6, which features a large field of view of 234 x 124 mm and an LED flash and can be optionally equipped with a lacquer flash, UV flash and different rear flashes. The camera navigation is of high precision and extremely dynamic.
    All ELSCAN web-monitoring systems use the dualView technology patented by E+L, i.e. two cameras with fixed focal lengths, which are combined in a shared housing. One camera shows a large repeat area (wide-angle lens), while the other camera shows the smallest details (telephoto lens).
    The section of the image from the telephoto camera is in the center of the wide-angle camera. During digital zooming, the camera switches imperceptibly between the two cameras to enable the print image to be displayed with a multiple of the print resolution. This special technology allows high-resolution images of different repeat sections to be displayed without a time delay.