EFFECI celebrates its 40th anniversary and opens a new office in the Veneto region


This flexo prepress service has its strengths in service and high quality


It has just turned off 40 candles, but the enthusiasm, the desire to act and above all to continue growing are absolutely real at Effeci, a company specializing in the production of flexo plates based in Perego (Lc); early January the company will open a commercial and graphic office also in Veneto. Luca Anselmi, a young and dynamic entrepreneur, inheritedhis passion for this work from his father Renato and his mother Marisa.
Founded in 1978 by Renato Anselmi, Effeci has carved out its own space in the variegated world of flexographic printing. Renato, before opening his company, was employed in an important box factory in the Lecco area, during this period he was able to acquire specific skills and so he foresaw the expansion of flexographic market over the years to come. Effeci’s flagship has always been a very efficient, present and timely customer service.
Today the company is managed by Luca, who after obtaining the high-school diploma in 1995, took over the reins of the company; today, now that his parents are enjoying a well-earned rest, the atmosphere you can breath visiting the well-structured and cutting-edge graphic office, from which the whole production process starts, the pre-assembly and the production department of liquid and solid polymers , also technologically at the top, is that of a real family, with a strong spirit of collaboration, very high professionalism, attachment and dedication to work, “I am extremely proud of my collaborators: I consider them part of Effeci family. We are a young company, the oldest person does not reach 50 years, where high specialization, professionalism, attachment to work and respect for the customer are the hallmarks of our way of working”, says Luca welcoming us at his office where 22 people work.
But a positive atmosphere is not enough to get excellent results, it is absolutely important the professionalism of the operators: in fact, the technical preparation of Effeci operators is extremely high, starting from the prepress, which plays a major role in the flexo sector. The flexo prepress operator must have very specialized skills in managing every single job and work closely with the client in a very tight partnership, even if in recent years we are increasingly moving towards a standardized production process.

“Our activity, both for the very fast technological evolution in the last 20 years, and also for the mentality of operators, has often been underestimated and sometimes we fail to understand completely its true value. I say this because companies like mine, cannot and should not be subject only to the mere cost logic, which risk further devaluing printing plates, that for skills, technology investments and commitment are considered a fundamental part of production process of flexo packaging”, says Luca Anselmi.


A 360 ° service for the whole flexo industry

Effeci addresses at all areas of flexo printing: corrugated cardboard, flexible film, industrial bags, labels. “50% of our production is dedicated to corrugated printing plates, 45% is for food flexible packaging and industrial paper bags and the remaining 5% for labels, a sector in which I never fully believed because of the competition of digital printing, a technological competitor against which you cannot fight. We are in a highly competitive market and to ensure maximum efficiency and quality to our customers we continue to invest in cutting-edge technologies”.
From the point of view of equipments, Effeci is equipped with the most modern technologies available on the market, with which it can meet the needs of printers throughout Italy. For example, the plates produced with the flat top dot are required by the market, for this reason the service has decided to invest in this technology that allows customers to achieve excellent print quality.
Effeci is an economically very solid company, where all investments are managed without the help of external financial resources, thanks to the policy of small steps, and following the precious advice of its founder, who represents an important reference point, even if no longer operating in the company. For 2019 the investments will be dedicated to the opening of the new Venetian headquarters, precisely to reduce further those small distances with the customer and be even more timely in a territory where Effeci boasts many and loyal customers.

“I take this opportunity to thank first of all my parents for transmitting to me the passion and love for this work. I was three years old when I started walking in the company and breathe the characteristic ‘scent’ of flexo plates. Thanks also to my precious collaborators, and of course to all our historical customers, who have allowed us to arrive at this prestigious and not so obvious achievement”, concludes Luca Anselmi.