DuPont™ Cyrel® Solutions presents the LFH Plate, a UV-LED optimized photopolymer for thermal processing at the FTA Forum & INFOFLEX 2023


The plate is the newest member of the Cyrel® Lightning family which received the prestigious technical innovation recognition by the FTA last year.

DuPont PR LFH launch

DuPont Cyrel® Solutions announces the newest member of the Cyrel® Lightning plate family that is being launched at the FTA Forum & INFOFLEX 2023 (April 16-19 – The new Cyrel® Lightning LFH plate delivers quick access times, consistent printing results, and a reduced environmental footprint.

The Cyrel® Lightning LFH plate was built on the technology of the award-winning Cyrel® Lightning plates, which received the FTA Technical Innovation Award in 2022.

“This new plate is optimized for the latest UV-LED exposure technology, such as the Esko XPS Crystal, and was designed for the sustainable thermal Cyrel® FAST process. Combining the unique stability of LED exposure with the quick, easy and solvent-free platemaking of Cyrel® FAST helps our customers produce high-end printing plates quickly and efficiently”, explains Tucker Norton, Global Business Leader, DuPont Cyrel® Solutions.

The new plate allows for the use of the latest screening technologies for enhanced print quality, making it ideal for tradeshops and converters seeking to produce high-quality plates. The workflow is simple to use and results in outstanding prints.

“We are confident that converters that are thinking about running platemaking operations in-house as well as other flexographic plate providers will appreciate the ease of use and the high quality printforms that this workflow provides. Combining UV-LED exposure and thermal Cyrel® FAST processing offers repeatable and sustainable platemaking combined with a small operational footprint” adds Norton.

In conclusion, Cyrel® Lightning LFH offers a quick, sustainable, and efficient solution to significant platemaking challenges. The new Cyrel® Lightning LFH is available in 1.14 mm and 1.7mm (0.045’’ and 0.067’’) thicknesses.

“We are proud to keep innovating for our customers for improved print quality and productivity using our sustainable Cyrel® FAST process. The Forum and INFOFLEX show provide a great opportunity to meet people, learn and share experiences, explore new technologies, and find innovative solutions. As a long-time sponsor of this show, DuPont values the contribution of these events to the flexography industry, which is aligned with our commitment to developing innovative solutions for our customers to thrive”, concludes Norton.