Consultec Srl: heart and mind of folding box industry


Technological excellence highly specialized in sales and after-sales management for folder gluers from small (650 mm) to max. size (3200 mm) including the whole intermediate range. Supply of complete brand new lines consisting of double feeder – folder gluer – automatic packing machine. Supply of second hand machines overhauled and guaranteed. Technical support dedicated to both post-sales activities and development / implementation of existing machines and lines, with the possibility to retrofit optional devices disjoined from the sale of the complete machine.


Consultec srl was established in year 2014 to replace the existing Zetcom sas. It is the result of the intuition of the two founding partners, Graziano Zava and Salvatore Gualtieri, who have merged their respective professionalism and experience for the development and success of a single company.
The “core business” derives from Graziano Zava’s well-known experience in the field of folding box machinery with particular regard to folder gluers.  The presence and knowledge on the international market is due to technical and commercial advice services for the sale and assistance of gluing machines, both new, exclusively of brand DGM Machinery, and second hand but always “overhauled and guaranteed”. The ability of adding optional and highly performing technical devices of own construction, allows to optimize the production processes according to needs and requests of customers.


Thanks to the agreement reached in year 2017 with the company Mega Service srl, where Consultec srl holds the worldwide exclusive, the offer has expanded allowing to supply complete and fully automated lines on the market.
The “Double Feeder “ and the whole range of new generation collection systems allow the fully automation of gluing  lines, which already included all the optional “retrofit” devices to be applied on all the existing machines, such as joggers, control systems (glue, Braille code) and the very interesting Braille Impression device
Our team of skilled personnel with the employment of professional technicians in the mechanical, electrical, electronic and software fields allow the most suitable and reliable solutions for overcoming all the operational problems and the development of technically advanced solutions.
The great experience of Consultec srl has led to the creation and consolidation of a group capable of satisfying the market with new and innovative machines, able to solve the problems of every box manufacturer, guaranteeing quick and accurate assistance and after-sales services, which are already known and highly appreciated in the whole European territory.
Consultec srl set up a compact group of mechanical, electrical and electronic technicians with a single centralized and more flexible technical center for planning, as well as  making all research and development activities.  Furthermore, the centralization of the office for management, coordination and purchases is proving fundamental and optimizes all running costs.
With the use of those new technologies, a solution has also been given to the recent European regulations concerning repetitive and weary jobs as well as occupational diseases.
All products are guaranteed by Consultec srl and CE certified (2006/42) as well as equipped respecting the characteristics required by the “Industry 4.0” Italian procedure.