CAMIS presents the new CAMIS SleeveMaster Auto (SMA)


CAMIS S.r.l. is pleased to announce the new CAMIS SleeveMaster Auto (SMA), the CAMIS’s considered response to the requirement for an “hands free” automatic flexographic plate mounting solution for mid to wide web flexographic printers.

“Built around CAMIS’s flexo industry 4.0 platform the SMA continues on our quest of achieving maximum process and machine reliability as witnessed by all our clients with over many hundred CAMIS Irisleeve installations all over the world”, says Davide Pesenti, CAMIS Managing Director.
CAMIS SMA is designed to be as simple and easy to use as the CAMIS Irisleeve HD but provides the technological progress that some of our industry now demand.
A brand new HMI touch screen with CAMIS Flexo 4.0 facility allow new and existing jobs to be either uploaded or preselected.  Operators can scan EAN code equipped job sheet and the machine will gather the job information from the clients CRM and upload all the data to the machine program and/or recall previous jobs quickly.
The SMA has several unique features that allow even used & demounted plates to be automatically registered and applied “hands free”, whilst its new “Double Decker” HD camera systems combined with the machine’s software and hardware features, allows the SMA to continuously track and actively eliminate the start up skew even over the longest print repeats.

“CAMIS is never really satisfied with what has achieved and from that perspective, we looked into further improvements for the future of CAMIS flexographic sleeve mounting systems and to secure our customers maximum press run time, without the reliability and calibration issues. We have machines in the field and these initial beta tests show us that we have maintained the CAMIS reliability2, comments Davide Pesenti-.

CAMIS SMA is available in widths from 900mm up to 2000mm wide and with print repeats from 300mm up to 1300mm.