Miraclon: the new home of KODAK FLEXCEL Solutions


    Formed by the sale of Kodak’s Flexographic Packaging Division to Montagu, a leading private equity firm, Miraclon is a global company with over 300 employees, an innovative R&D team, manufacturing operations in the US and Japan, and a passion for flexo.

    Fully focused on flexo

    Miraclon will concentrate fully on the development, production and sale of its industry-leading KODAK FLEXCEL Solutions, including the flagship KODAK FLEXCEL NX System. Under Montagu’s ownership, the company is in a great position to leverage the strengths of the former Kodak flexo business, that include an experienced team, a strong patent portfolio and the trusted Kodak brand, with renewed focus, agility and investment to support customers throughout the world with a constant stream of innovation.  The company intends to further strengthen its role as a technology enabler of change as flexographic printing is transformed into a premium printing process for packaging.

    Committed to ongoing innovation

    Chris Payne, who has been leading Kodak’s Flexographic Packaging Division since January 2015, is the new company’s CEO and will continue to lead the team responsible for the development and dynamic growth of Kodak’s flexo business. “Customers will experience the same products, same people and same trusted Kodak product brand that they have come to depend upon to support their own business growth. Together with our customers, we’ve played a decisive role in shaping flexo’s evolution over the last ten years, and we’re now looking forward, as Miraclon, to being the driving force behind the next evolution of KODAK FLEXCEL Solutions, and setting new benchmarks for years to come,” said Payne.

    Close to our customers

    Miraclon has offices across the globe, from Brussels, Belgium and Rochester, NY to Guadalajara, Mexico and Singapore. With R&D centers in Minnesota, Vancouver and Israel as well as two key manufacturing locations and a global supply chain operation it is well positioned to support the global packaging business. The Miraclon team, together with a worldwide network of distribution partners will ensure KODAK FLEXCEL Solutions have an effective presence on every continent. “My number one priority is always the customer,” Payne added “I know it sounds like a cliché but it’s at the heart of everything we do.  We will continue to push back the limits of what is technically possible in flexo printing with innovative KODAK FLEXCEL Solutions, and help our customers grow and be successful.”

    New name, new company identity, same trusted Kodak product brand

    Through Miraclon, the Kodak brand will continue to be at the forefront of flexo printing and will be the brand that all Miraclon products carry, but behind the scenes, the new company name and new company logo are very deliberate choices.