BFM: digital event 8th July for the presentation of the flexo stack press


Present on the market since 1975, bfm has been able to grow over the decades to become, today, a leading Company in the field of plastic materials , from automatic take off units and winders for extrusion blown film lines, to Flexographic printing machines with central up to 10 colors and 2,4,6,8 colors stack type.

During the event all the technological innovations of the new machine Stack Sirio S-Plus will be illustrated: remarkableprinting quality, efficiency and productivity thanks to easy and precise job changes, great flexibility, thanks to the capacity to process polymeric materials of different types also from materials of raw organic origin and also a compact layout and modern design.
Like all bfm machines, the Sirio model – Plus is also suitable to be connected in the network and allows to take the advantage of the expected benefits and resources allocated by the National Industry 4.0 Plan, which has as its goal the digital companies transformation.
Sirio Model S- Plus are 6/8 color Stack type machines, designed for printing on different plastic materials for the packaging market, in line with the extruder or from reel to reel.
The printing repeat length is from of 350 mm up to a maximum of 1200mm, with printing widths up to 1600 mm. The line is composed of an unwinder with different solutions: stationary , shaft-less or revolver, 6/8 colors printing group with indipendent motorized counter-printing axis, electric grinding and pneumatic inking.The drying group is composed of an intercolor system and a drying box with electric or by gas heating and a winder with different winding possibilities.

The automation platform of this machine has been designed using the proven application experience of Bosch Rexoth, the industry leader in the automation of printing and converting machines with which bfm has been collaborating since 2010, on the occasion of equipping the first full gearless CI Flexo with central drum; Collaboration consolidated then in 2016 also with the automation of stack type printers, thanks to the experience gained by the German company in various application fields, from mobile applications, to machinery applications.
The Stack type Sirio 6/8 colors S Plus is therefore the “right compromise” between costs and performance: in this case the use of IndraDyn MBT torque motors, which move the color group composed of counter-roller-clichè-anilox, guarantees great dimensional compactness and the right printing precision.
The use of the digital drives of the IndraDrive M series guarantees constant position synchronism between the various printing elements, with consequent maintenance of the register, both at high speeds and during acceleration and deceleration. Initial registration is very quick and can also be carried out when the machine is stopped, considerably reducing energy waste and material waste.
Each color group can be moved longitudinally in a completely independent way thanks to the adoption of Indradrive Cs servo axes and MSM motors equipped with absolute multiturn encoder: the results are: a most accurate set point, the management of storable recipes, the reduced reconfiguration times. Bosch Rexroth’s MBT torque motors, combined with HMD dual servo drives and MLC Motion Control are also used to ensure perfect material synchronization in the machine, better tension control and the possibility to use in a more flexible way the 3 + 3 , 5 + 1 and 4 + 2 color units in the case of the 6 colors and 4 + 4, 3 + 5, and 2 + 6 in the case of the 8.
The technical solutions used, and the “CANTILEVER SYSTEM” for the change of sleeves “SLEEVES” both anilox and plate holder, have allowed to considerably reduce the times for job changes. Among the novelties of S-Plus the new graphic interface stands out, designed on 22”, simple and intuitive but at the same time complete for the management of all the machine functions.