Atlantic Zeiser: new company within the Coesia Group

    Thomas Obitz, Atlantic Zeiser

    The Coesia Group is a globally active player consisting of 21 innovation-based industrial and packaging solution companies headquartered in Bologna. In September 2018, Coesia completed the acquisition of Atlantic Zeiser’s card personalization and packaging divisions as well as the majority stake of Tritron GmbH, manufacturer of innovative special inks for digital industrial printing, as announced in the first half of 2018. Joining the group as an independent unit, Atlantic Zeiser maintains its headquarters in Emmingen-Liptingen. Thomas Obitz, previously Commercial Director at Atlantic Zeiser, will head the new company. Atlantic Zeiser’s activities in bank note serialization and individualization of security documents are not part of the acquisition, and remain in the Orell Füssli Group, headquartered in Zurich and sole owner since 2003, and will operate as Zeiser GmbH within the Orell Füssli holding.


    Clear positioning
    “Atlantic Zeiser will consistently focus on growth segments in digital inline printing”, explains Managing Director Thomas Obitz. “Within the packaging division, these are primarily the FMCG, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical sectors; while in the cards division this applies to the whole spectrum covering credit, ID, gift, and customer loyalty cards.” Obitz states that Atlantic Zeiser already belongs to the market leaders in personalization, individualization, and serialization: “Our technologies enable users to implement efficient inline or nearline product packaging individualization solutions – for batch sizes as small as 1.” This lends a high degree of flexibility to packaging lines while simultaneously allowing for product personalization and differentiation to an extent that has not been economically feasible previously. “In addition, it allows users to significantly reduce costs throughout the logistics chain, e.g. for stocking pre-printed packaging materials. Thanks to the possibilities of brilliant digital color or black/white printing, offset preprints, for instance, are required less and less.”
    As is customary in the Coesia Group, the new company will operate independently in the market while simultaneously benefitting from synergy effects where it is efficient and appropriate. The good integration in the Coesia Group with its extensive market access in particular presents a special opportunity to accelerate growth. All employees of Atlantic Zeiser acquired by Coesia have been taken over.


    Groundbreaking technology
    “Well-prepared for the dawn of Industry 4.0, our solutions not only stand out by providing groundbreaking printing technology, but also through future-oriented networking – for instance with regard to Smart Factories”, the Managing Director continues to explain. He adds that besides digital inkjet technology, ink from in-house production is another key factor for the company’s success. Therefore, the parallel acquisition of Atlantic Zeiser’s shares in manufacturer Tritron was a decisive factor in the integration into the Coesia Group. Thomas Obitz concludes that the company is now well-prepared for a new chapter of profitable expansion.