Adiscart Packaging – Zeta Printing: perfect combination of materials and creativity


When first quality materials are transformed by a creative typography, wonders are created: the protagonists are Adiscart Packaging, converting, production and distribution cardboard industry, and printer Zeta Printing. Salvatore Chiarenza and Sergio Zito, the respective owners of the two companies, explain to us how they make feel their competent presence felt in Sicily and in the world…

Not by chance, but precisely from the visceral passion for their work, their collaboration was born about ten years ago, on the basis of which Zeta Printing creates all the self-promotional material that Adiscart Packaging invents to promote its papers and cardboard, that is, boxes, samples, labels and absolutely unique products with the special finishing and workings that only Zeta Printing can create, defining their image and essence.

FSC certified papers and boards on request with closed cycle production

The story of Adiscart Packaging began in Catania 32 years ago, it was 1990. As Salvatore Chiarenza explains: “I am son of successful construction entrepreneurs, in those years, due to a real chance of life, I know the paper world through the sub-agency of the Cartiere Miliani Fabriano where my education, passion and study of products begins, from direct production to marketing, to the complex world of printing up to the finished product”. His path began in 1990 with the assumption of international paper mill agency mandates, and in 1999 Adiscart srl was established, a paper distribution company, specialized in the trade of articles for the graphic arts sector that soon became a leader in southern Italy and in the islands with different logistic locations divided into Sicily, Campania and Sardinia. Since 2004 Chiarenza has participated with a 33% share in the establishment of Industria Cartaria Meridionale (ICAM srl) for graphic papers converting. Following the crisis in the print runs of graphic arts due to the continuous consolidation of new digital communication tools including communication on portals, “in 2014 Adiscart Packaging srl was born under my administrative direction, an industrial company specializing in the transformation of cardboard for the production of pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and packaging suitable for generic and luxury packaging; the expertise in the selection of raw materials produced all over the world, today leads Adiscart Packaging to become a true point of reference for the paper industry and graphic arts in general “, says Chiarenza. Three logistic offices for a total of 20,000 m2 covered and 50,000 uncovered located in Veneto, Campania and Sicily serve the entire Italian territory, distinguishing themselves on the market for the balance in the management of service and deliveries.

FSC certified materials, biodegradable, recyclable and compostable items, cardboard with plant barriers, plastic free items to completely replace plastic materials, cover the emerging sector of disposable tableware as well as the sectors indicated above. Particular attention should therefore be paid to the range of cardboards enclosed in the name “Adiboard” divided into recycled, virgin fiber, with wood pulp, organic items also for the containment of oily and greasy products, for refrigerated foods and for take-away packages.

Three new synchronized cutters, a circular saw, two rewinders, a paper cutter with automatic palletizer, the program of new investments already established for a new cutting line for paper and cardboard, for a new rewinder and the installation in progress of the new management system, make Adiscart Packaging a complete and innovative structure.

Chiarenza concludes by explaining how in Verona it is possible to operate by creating a circular economy, “all trimmings and scraps that cutting machines produce are compacted and resold as raw material, because it is pure pulp that can be re-pulped in the paper mill, in this way we do not throw away and we do not waste anything, creating a closed production cycle. We go even further than this: to make the work environment healthy and clean, we also recover the dust generated by the saw with which briquettes are formed, that is cardboard dust balls, which are also resold as raw material, because they are intact and clean “.

Zeta Printing: past and present experiences seamlessly integrated
Zeta Printing is a family business based in Palermo, which has its roots in the Sicilian industrial environment, as Sergio Zito explains: “my grandfather Placido worked for an historic graphics company, which was also a publisher, IRES (Industrie Editoriali Riunite Siciliane), owned by the Biondo family, who was a great patron of Palermo, the Biondo Theater is one of the many operas they built. Placido knew everything about offset printing and, when IRES closed, he decided to found Stamperia Zito in 1968, where obviously my father Vincenzo, who had learned everything about color working in various companies in the North and then in some Sicilian photoliths, immediately started working, becoming an expert chromist”.

Thanks to this integration of skills, this small family business, which today is called Zeta Printing and has a dozen collaborators, began to produce catalogs and labels, all jobs that had to do with the complexity of color reproduction. At the end of the 90s the company found it natural to devote themselves to wine labels, so they proposed themselves to Sicilian wineries, becoming masters in particular processes because they can solve complex problems. “Today we are specialized in finishing on various printed products, from the cover of a catalog to a cardboard packaging or a label; we consider ourselves a creative typography, and we have in-house the entire production cycle from prepress to printing up to the finishing department; we use offset, digital and hot stamping with special clichés, even combined ones, in fact hybrid processes are increasingly frequent; our runs range goes from 1,000 to 10 thousand pieces, even for boxes”, explains Sergio. The reference sectors are food (wine, oil, agri-food excellence), fashion and luxury products, especially at local level, because the bond of Zeta Printing with the territory is very strong.
The customers, the direct ones but also the graphic studios, know they will find a real consultant in this company, who helps them to find the most effective finishing technique to create exclusive paper products. Recently the company has made investments in complementary equipment, speaking of technological updating Sergio tells us an episode of his training which took place thanks to the support of dear departed Alberto Sironi, who also on this occasion showed that the goal of his profession was to transfer knowledge. “I had to choose a new printing machine and I wrote to Alberto for advice, thanks to him I was able to visit various companies in northern Italy and learn more about my profession, in the end I did two internships, today they would be called in this way, in two different times: I was full of passion and I spent days with machine operators to learn, it was an unforgettable experience”. And the results of that training are clear. Today in Sicily Zeta Printing is a leading point of reference and interlocutor to make high-quality work.