2020–1960=60! Simec, sixty years of growth and innovation, passion and progress

Simec headquarter in Olgiate Olona (Va)

Simec Group celebrates 60 years of ‘More than engravings’, a corporate payoff that tells of a specialization and the desire not to limit itself to it: a constant commitment to transferring passion, values and care to anyone who interfaces with their reality.
Simec Group was born as a company operating in the galvanic sector mainly at the service of the textile industry, leading in the northern area of Milan at that time. It soon began to diversify its offer in the new growing printing industry, the ‘flexography’: it is an all-in! Soon, the company converted its core business by investing resources in the construction of specific equipments capable of generating the most complete range of mechanical engravings in the sector, most of which are still in use.

Another important opportunity was seized in the 1970s, with the introduction of the first roller production line devoted to the Tissue Converting and Nonwoven industries: the engineering capacity grew to the point of founding, in 2000 and in partnership with Fabio Perini, Engraving Solutions, a leading company in the Tissue Converting and other sectors orbiting around the world of embossing.
The order of the first laser equipment for the engraving into ceramic rollers dates back to 1987: Simec became the third producer of this type of anilox rolls in the world. The success obtained led, in 1992, to the opening of a dedicated factory in central Italy; today, the Montefino industrial pole is an excellence worldwide recognized, both in terms of quantity of equipment and quality of the product offered.
The constant policy of portfolio diversification together with the consolidation of historical products support a progressive and inexorable growth both in structural and market terms.
The thread that runs through the entire history of Simec Group is the central role of the R&D department, which over time become more and more strategic and establishes numerous collaborations with companies specialized in specific sectors at different levels.
Progress and development often originate from minds without prejudices or contamination: this is the reason behind the strong investment on young people. A constant collaboration with technical institutes makes it possible to select the most promising students, introducing them immediately into strategic sectors dedicated to digitization, prototyping, product development and machineries’ engineering.

It is also thanks to their contribution, under the expert guidance of the Della Torre family, that corollary services like the Lifecycle Solutions have developed, the digitalization of activities has been completed, the lean management has been applied to the factories withthe consequent reduction of structural costs through a hyperbolic efficiency of production lines: this is the advent of SDB, Simec Digital Background.
The new business model radically changes the supply habits of the spares, merging the advantages of mass production typical of standardized items with those of the tailor-made ones built around the customers’ needs. How? By devoting specific production lines for each industrial sector and for each production step. This allows, for example, that the rollers manufactured for the corrugated cardboard market are not only built according to the manufacturers’ drawing, but also have technical specs capable of extending their life cycle and optimizing machine performance.
This kind of solutions are studied for each industry in which Simec introduces its products, thanks to the close and constant collaboration with OEMs and printers and on the basis of statistics related to the causes of anilox refurbishment and drawing on the cultural heritage brought by sixty years of history.
It is thanks to this universe of skills that the company can boast a specialization worthy of the name in all surface processing: mechanical engravings, laser engravings into ceramics, engravings with combined processes destined to rollers for the world of embossing.
For each of these processes there is a vast sample of engraving geometries, each of which aims at achieving a specific purpose. The real strength of Simec is the technical ability to constantly propose new solutions that move more and more on the quality bar.
In a recent interview, the CEO of Simec Group, Emilio Della Torre, talked about the guidelines that will lead the company to reinvent the standards that currently prevail in the anilox market, not limiting itself to the offer of high-quality products, but extending it to a package that also includes collaborations with technological partners and the ability to transfer values: delivering benefits, together with the rollers.