Rebranding operation and corporate reorganization for Digital Flex, now ROVECO


In its sixtieth year of activity, Digital Flex – Nuova Roveco Group, after a corporate reorganization, completes a rebranding operation, and from this year will operate on the market with the new ROVECO brand, the right mix between tradition and innovation

Roveco Da sinistra Marzia Ripamonti, Andrea e Barbara Vergnano
From left Marzia Ripamonti, Andrea e Barbara Vergnano

You will undoubtedly have noticed this when you picked up this first issue of Converter-Flessibili-Carta-Cartone of 2024, with the new ROVECO image on the cover to communicate to the market the brand that from now on will distinguish the historic Italian flexographic prepress service.

Roveco 9746This change is part of a broader corporate and operational reorganization project that began almost two years ago with the aim of improving the group’s competitiveness, optimizing relations with the banking/financial system, and being ready to seize any useful opportunity for industrial aggregation. The three operating companies, namely Digital Flex, specialized in the production of clichés and sleeves for flexo printing, Nuova Roveco, the historic brand from which it all started in 1964 and which acted as the group’s real estate and financial company, and the services company Futurflexo, were merged into a single company. In the same period, one of the historic partners left the corporate structure and today the property is held by Vergnano and Ripamonti families, whose representatives of the new generation are jointly in charge, through the parent company Roveco Holding.

“From a comparison with the market we realized that, although the operational soul of our group had been Digital Flex since the nineties, we were and are still identified with our historic Nuova Roveco brand”, says Andrea Vergnano Senior Executive Vice President of ROVECO, “the decisive episode that led us to reflect on how we were perceived was at an evening of awards ceremonies for companies in our area, the BTOB Awards 2023, where among many others some companies in our sector were present, and when it was time to congratulate for the recognition obtained, introducing myself as Digital Flex, I had the feeling of almost not being recognized, but just by pronouncing the name Nuova Roveco, all our doubts were confirmed: the time had come to clarify things and review structure, organization and brand”, adds Andrea Vergnano.

staff Roveco open house

The group was assisted in the definition and implementation of its strategic reorganization project by the partners of Nexta and De Filippo Pulci law firm. The rebranding project is followed by Hubnet Communication which has managed the company’s communication for over a year.

Roveco 09737

“Without any presumption, but from the opinions that customers give us and given the path taken to date, our company represents the history of flexographic prepress in Italy and with the new ROVECO brand we want to send a message of continuity to the market, in the name of our history and tradition, but aimed at the future. Technology has made enormous progress in the last 20 years, allowing many companies to grow, but we believe that a background of skills acquired over sixty years of history is invaluable and represents our strength on the market today. With the tools available to companies, producing standard quality work is not that difficult, but it is when the different variables of flexo come into play that you see the difference and the market recognizes all this”, adds Vergnano.

A new automatic plate engraving line

Roveco 9745Despite analysts’ forecasts which do not reveal any hope of growth for 2024, ROVECO has confirmed the investment announced last November: the installation in recent weeks of a new Vianord automatic line for plate engraving. The new line was purchased by Vianord’s Italian retailer, Simonazzi, with whom ROVECO strengthens the partnership, expanding it from materials to technologies and above all to service, a fundamental and decisive aspect for the final choice.

“Our philosophy has always been to pursue innovation, also through important investments, regardless of the more or less positive market conditions. We also like to include technologies capable of arousing the curiosity of our customers, as we did during the open house at the end of October last year by presenting Markplate and Reflex, solutions that can help to serve better a market that is always attentive to the innovative aspect”, concludes Andrea Vergnano.