Nuova Erreplast: new acquisitions and investments in technology to get leadership in the packaging trade


The company, located in Marcianise (CE) and led by Domenico Raccioppoli has been the protagonist in recent years of a significant growth, with various acquisitions, which have allowed it to expand its business and diversify its trade. animated by a deep innovative spirit, which always has distinguished the Group Mind

Domenico Raccioppoli, owner of Nuova Erreplast (NEP)

Fresh from participation in Ipack-Ima, where Nuova Erreplast (NEP) had one of the most popular stands, drumming up support thanks to an offer of packaging ranging from plastic flexible film, to rigid and corrugated cardboard packaging: the Group can be considered a complete supplier of packing and packaging solutions, we meet Domenico Raccioppoli, owner of the company, during the last Giflex conference in Rome. And so, in a magical setting, in the garden of Villa Miani, with a spectacular view of the capital and the dome, we listened to a story of an extraordinary adventure.

“Nuova Erreplast is the current company name, but it was born as Erreplast, founded by my father Crescenzo and my uncle in 1980, after a company failure, from which machinery was adquired to start a new business, specializing in industrial and shopping bags production for fashion industry”, Domenico begins, representing the second generation who joined the company in 1998.
Domenico’s path first saw him gaining experience, together with his brother and cousins, in the company sale department, which had never before had this type of structure, to better understand the trade needs and begin to diversify the company’s activities, a process that leads Nuova Erreplast to specialize in the sector of flexible packaging for fruit and vegetable sector.

The acquisitions of Nuova Erreplast: 360° packaging solutions
“In 2009, after my father’s dead, we decide to invest even more in the food packaging sector, and we buy the first 8-color flexo printing machine, creating packages for dry fruit, bakery and participating for the first time at Ipack-Ima in 2012”.

The growth of the Group to which belongs Nuova Erreplast has been dizzying and has materialized within a decade, with the construction of the new warehouse in Marcianise, in the province of Caserta, recording a growth rate of 20% year after year, thanks to a path of innovation and investments get the group, composed by about 190 people, with a turnover that in 2022 will be around € 73 million (20% achieved abroad), thanks also to the latest acquisition, Print and Packaging of Marano Ticino, in the province of Novara, specialized in the finishing of thin aluminum destined for both packaging and technical sectors. Two other companies belong to the Group: Packingraf, a paper converting company specialized in the production of folding boxes, and RDM Pack of Novate Milanese, in the province of Milan, operating in the sector of trays, big cardboard packaging and other materials for packaging foodstuffs.

Having introduced a paper converting company into the Group, Nuova Erreplast machinery introduction aimed at the production of flexible paper packaging, a rapidly growing sector, creating its own R&D laboratory to give new solutions to market trends and to develop new sustainable packaging.
Print and Packaging boasts more than twenty years of experience in the transformation of thin aluminum foil and it is able to offer lacquering, gravure printing, lamination, embossing and cutting of materials with thicknesses from 7 to 70 microns.
A fundamental strategic choice that outlines the future of industrial activities, giving the opportunity to produce the main packaging references: plastic and paper.
This broadens the spectrum of proposed packaging solutions to an audience that is increasingly sensitive to innovation capacity and environmental sustainability.

A dimensional and technological growth but always with man at the center

In 2016 Nuova Erreplast won the first prize in the category named “Creative use of flexo printing”, with the same work the company received also the Best In Show prize, given by Sante Conselvan, who was at that time Atif president, now he is FTA Europe president

“I represent a young management, which is studying a lot and believes in training for all company figures, which includes top management and all employees.
The company is made up first of all of people, we try to involve them and make everyone grow, only in this way we can guarantee a bright future.
Training that obviously also passes through the participation at technical conferences such as latest Giflex in Rome, where we always try to be present”, proudly tells Domenico, confessing that after this latest acquisition, the Group will face a couple of years of consolidation, and then resume a growth path already outlined in the corporate strategies.

Cutting-edge technologies, R&D for increasingly sustainable packaging
For three years, a project has started at NEP that focuses heavily on the development of recyclable, sustainable packaging in line with the dictates of the circular economy, carrying out thanks to the PNR a project that, if approved, will allow the Group to be the first to have a plant to recycle its own waste, but also those of competing companies, in particular of materials such as polypropylene, polyethylene and PET.
Nuova Erreplast also boasts an extrusion department with 5 extruders and 2 coextrusion system that allow to do R&D on bio-based polymers.
Precisely during the pandemic, in the extrusion area of Nuova Erreplast, a patented mask was designed and manufactured with special fabrics capable of protecting against dermatitis and allergies.

The production department for the food area is equipped with 4 flexo printing machines, 3 of which with 10-color and central drum, 5 solvent and solventless laminators, 16 shopper cutters, 4 slitter-rewinders, an automated warehouse completely integrated with the management system, and production environments with controlled temperature thanks to a system that recovers the energy coming from the combustor for the abatement of fumes.
“We have always been open to news, without ever losing sight of the compass that shows us the direction to follow. To offer more and more mono-material packaging solutions, we are carrying out an investment project that will start in 2024, and which will lead us to include in our departments extrusion-coating, a metallizer to create an Alox barrier, succeeding in this way to satisfy in-house this growing need”, concludes Domenico Raccioppoli, with whom we make a date for the ribbon cutting of the latest company that joins the Group. The story continues…