Flexo Wash at Ice 2019 Hall A5 Stand 1712


    Leading Danish manufacturer of cleaning technology, Flexo Wash, will be exhibiting four machines from its extensive range.

    PK 280 EasyLoad Alka Parts Washer – This machine can be custom-built with focused cleaning to suit specific applications.  It cleans Doctor Blade Chambers, Ink Trays, and other removable press parts, and uses trolleys for ease of handling.  It has a fully automatic cleaning cycle, including wash and rinse.

    FW 2000 Laser Anilox Cleaner – This new machine is designed for deep cleaning and is especially effective with difficult inks.  Fully automatic, it has a closed-loop system, and requires only air and electrical supplies.

    PW 45 WR Plate Washer – Designed to clean 1 meter of plate in 3 minutes, using a wash, rinse and dry solution, it’s fully automatic operation and eco-friendly cleaning liquids make it a time and money saver.  It is supplied with a conveyor belt and a table for unloading the plates.

    FW 992 XL Anilox Cleaner – This traditional and well-proven machine offers deep cleaning and the restoration of Anilox Roll Cells.  It can clean two sleeves simultaneously, using eco-friendly liquids in its fully automatic cleaning cycle.  Capable of cleaning an Anilox Roll in just 10 minutes, it requires no manual operation.