Empaque Universal: leader in Central America with Uteco technologies


    On November 1st 2018, the Costa Rican company Empaques Universal, which  has in recent years  been becoming a leader in the production and printing of flexible packaging in Central America, repeated the success of previous years in Asiplastic 2017 and Asoingraf 2016 also in Asoingraf 2018 (Asociaciòn de La Industria Gràfica Costarricense) winning the first and second place in the competition “The Best of Graphic Industry” for the wide-format Flexographic Printing Category.
    For several years the company Empaques Universal has decided to change strategy by investing more and more in technology buying new machinery Made in Italy of last generation produced by Uteco  both flexographic printing machines and laminating machines for the coating and laminating of different packaging materials.
    Uteco ONYX printing presses and laminators made possible to leap in the category of  high printing quality, energy saving and material waste, drastically lowering job change over timing, proposing Costarricense as a Key Player for Central American market.
    The combination Uteco-Empaques Universal is therefore driving the Central American market towards a high rate of technology, filling the gap that once existed with the European and North American markets.
    Therefore congratulations to  Empaques Universal and to the Production Manager Mr. Rigoberto Soto and to Uteco Converting Spa to become by now the reference supplier of machinery for the packaging industry in Central America and throughout the rest of Latin America.