CleanPrint: The Future of Flexographic Platemaking


Explained by Dr. Dieter Niederstadt, Technical Marketing Manager

Brand owners are seeking faster time to market with higher quality packaging that stands out on the shelf. They want to achieve this at an ever-lower price point. And increasingly, they are looking for suppliers that can produce packaging with a reduced environmental footprint.
Packaging printers/converters need ways to significantly improve efficiency in order to meet these demands while increasing quality to address the growing use of photographic images on packaging. They want to meet the sustainability demands of brand owners, but also understand there are benefits for their businesses as well, with less waste and a cleaner work environment.

Asahi Photoproducts’ CleanPrint flexographic printing plates offer two ways for packaging printers/converters to address these challenges while doing so with a smaller environmental footprint:

  • CleanPrint plates from Asahi Photoproducts have been specifically engineered by Asahi’s chemical engineers to transfer all remaining ink to the printed substrate, reducing makeready time and ink consumption while delivering exceptional quality.


  • The precise register of CleanPrint plates are perfect for a fixed color palette printing technique using a fixed sequence of colors on press. Experience informs us that this technique can significantly increase efficiency from 50% to 85% by eliminating press washups between jobs.

Combined, these two approaches are a force multiplier in cost reduction and efficiency improvement for flexographic printing operations, positioning them to continue meeting the needs of their brand owner customers today and into the future.