BOBST: new organizational structure

Jean-Pascal Bobst

As the role of packaging is rapidly evolving, BOBST is building a new company structure to better serve the future for its customers. The new organization, effective as of January 1st 2021, will be more customer centric, easier to reach, and more agile to deliver novelties.

The new industry vision revealed by BOBST in June 2020 offers a profound transformation for the packaging industry. The connectivity, digitalization, automation and sustainability required to answer the needs of brand owners, printers and converters, will be driven by two new Business Units.

Stefan März

The newly created Printing & Converting Business Unit (previously Sheet Fed and Web Fed) led by Stephan März will develop products and solutions. Each product will be developed with an entrepreneurial spirit to better address clients’ and industry needs, delivering faster innovation, improving quality and ultimately increasing customer satisfaction.


Julien Laran

The Services & Performance Business Unit (former BU Services) led by Julien Laran, continues to provide services to maximize production up-time and to increase the overall performance of converters’ sites. The Internet of Things will enable converters to make fact-based decisions and optimize their entire production floor. BOBST Connect will take a more central role to support our clients.
These two Business Units will rely on a more simplified, agile and easy to reach sales organization. Both identical sales organizations (per geographies and per industry) will serve clients across the Labels, Flexible Packaging, Folding Carton and Corrugated board industries. More synergies between machines and services will enable new business models.

Raphael Indermühle
Christian Falk

Raphaël Indermühle will lead the Printing & Converting Sales Organization and Christian Falk the Services & Performance Sales Organization. Both organizations will be operational as of January 1st 2021.


Discover below the eight newly created regions and their respective Regional Business Directors:

Geographies Printing & Converting Services & Performance
North America & Latin America Emilio Corti Alex Gigon
France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece Carlos Santos Massimiliano Manara
Germany, Austria, Switzerland Pascal Perruchoud Dirk Corsten – Didier Mermod
UK & Ireland, Scandinavia, Benelux Craig Moran Neil Jones
Russia & Central Europe Libor Panus Robert Jurkiewicz
Great Middle East, Africa, Turkey, Iran Eric Pavone Jean Chavanne
South East Asia, Korea, Japan Sebastien Geffrault Michael Berger
China & India Raphaël Indermühle – Interim Christian Falk – Interim