2021 Diamond Awards go virtual

    Sante Conselvan, President of FTA Europe

    FTA Europe is pleased to announce that the Diamond Awards will bring together more of our industry than ever before with a new virtual format. Amid an unpredictable global situation, FTA Europe wants to ensure that the show goes on, whilst ensuring the safety of attendees.
    Live streaming the awards presentation ceremony will enable all employees of our winning companies, sponsors, and guests to join this very special flexo event. The virtual format also has the advantage that anyone can watch the ceremony without needing to check travel or safety measures. The Diamond Awards ceremony is going global. Our winners will be applauded by a global audience, and our sponsors will be on show in every continent.
    The Diamond Awards recognise excellence, of both print and pre-press professionals. Being awarded a diamond trophy is a true mark of exceptional quality print. FTA Europe is hard at work to deliver a very special event that is as inclusive and interactive as possible.
    The awards take place on 22 April 2021. Join FTA Europe to find out who are the best printers in Europe for products including flexo printed labels, flexo printed paper, flexo print on aluminium – with the top prize going to the Best in Show.