Kodak presents substrate expansion kit for Kodak NexPress solutions


Kodak is expanding the range of new applications printers can offer their customers with the Kodak NexPress substrate expansion kit that expands the types of paperboard and synthetic substrates NexPress presses can run

The substrate expansion kit will now equip NexPress presses to handle paperboard substrates with weightings graded up to 414 g/m² 24/610 microns. For synthetic substrates, the Expansion Kit will give printers the option to print on materials with weightings up to 278 g/m². These thicker substrates open up new opportunities for printers, including short-run packaging applications including labels, tags and small folding cartons as well as differentiated commercial and publishing products, like point-of-sale displays, retail signage, business cards and hospitality pieces such as menus and door hangers.
“With the introduction of the substrate expansion kit, printers can continue to broaden their application offerings, enabling them to grow their businesses and customer base. The upgrade makes it a seamless experience for printers to move from running lighter weight stocks and then switch to thicker substrates to cater to a greater variety of customer needs”, says Leonard Christopher, Product Manager, NexPress, Electrophotographic Printing Solutions, Eastman Kodak Company.
Adding the substrate expansion kit is a quick and seamless process for existing NexPress customers. The upgrade takes approximately two days and is supported by a full day of onsite training by a Kodak technician that includes best practices associated with running a broader range of substrates. Once installed, the Substrate Expansion Kit allows press operators to quickly make configuration changes to run the full range of substrates without having to have a service technician visit the printing site.
Kodak’s continued investment in the NexPress platform over the past year has also included the release of the NexPress ZX3300/ZX3900 presses which incorporates new features that enable a broader range of applications. These presses are now shipped with System Software v17 which provides a robust set of new tools to control image quality and maintain productivity to optimize costs and uptime.  In addition, the Nexpress opaque white dry Ink, the newest of the print enhancement solutions which complements the other nine specialty inks, delivers superior opacity in a single pass compared to multiple passes on other devices, offering increased productivity and higher quality short run production for applications such as packaging, signage, labels, and invitations.

Customers opinions
Philippe Colin, CEO, SharePrint (French printer) explains: “Thirteen years ago, we entered the world of digital print with a Kodak NexPress 2100 Digital Press. Our move into digital was crucial for our growth as it complements our UV offset technology. In 2008, with improvements Kodak made to the Nexpress platform, we purchased a Kodak Nexpress 3000 Press. With Kodak’s continued investment in the NexPress platform and exceptional service and support, we decided to upgrade to the Nexpress ZX3300 Press, with the long sheet capability, which allows us to print a 4-page brochure, duplex and we now also can run thicker paperboard substrates and a selection of thicker synthetics. In fact, today we are printing on synthetics of 300-400 microns in a large format. And we are printing cardboard substrates of 600 microns which is ideal for our short-run packaging applications. This new capability allows us to grow the range of applications we can offer to our customers”.
Daniel Van Vliet, Van Vliet Printing (Dutch printer) comments: “The expansion kit provides a significant advantage for our business.  With the ability to use thicker stocks we can now offer products which typically do not fall within the capabilities of digital printing. We’re now able to use the NEXPRESS Press for 3D elements, hangers, and all sorts of applications for the retail business. Previously we used our flatbed inkjet printer, but due to speed, flexibility and quality, it was not an ideal machine for the work.  With the substrate expansion kit, the NexPress press gives our shop a lot of flexibility to handle a wider range of applications”.