The DS Smith Group in Turkey Istanbul decided to install Oppliger Sintesy S³ laminator


After the big success in Drupa in 2016 in Düsseldorf/Germany, which allowed Oppliger srl to enter in several new foreign markets also some the international converting groups have decided to install their first Oppliger laminator. One of the most significant orders came from the international DS Smith Group. They decided to install the first sheet to sheet litho laminator developed by the swiss engineer Mr. Fernand Robert Oppliger and built in northern Italy in their Turkish facility based in Istanbul. Mr. Oppliger is also the original designer of the base machine of the well-known Foliostar built and distributed under licence by the Bobst Group. Coming back to the latest installation in the in Turkey/Istanbul facility of DS Smith it is important to understand what makes this important customer decide for the Sintesy S³ Oppliger machine. The main aspects are the undiscussed high quality construction, a quick setup just in a one minute operation, the no waste concept which means that the first sheet is a good sheet, the compact length of the machine of only 16.9 meters which saves approx. 7-10 meters in length respect other machines available on the market and of course the very low glue consumption which make the ROI very short. Sintesy S³ is the only machine on the market which can applicate “too few” glue on the surface of the base material. Consequently, Sintesy S³ is able to applicate the minimum of the needed glue quantity. Edge to Edge and board with board lamination and the possibility of using paper coversheets with grammage down to 120 g/m2 and base sheets also up to 10 mm thickness are other important features of the Oppliger Sintesy S³.