ServiForm – Die-Cutting Techniques from A to Z Fourth and last module of Serviform’s training programme


The first edition of the ServiForm’s Training Programme – Die-Cutting Techniques from A to Z was concluded in Caravaggio last 15th December, in Serviform’s ‘Spazio Next’



The last module was dedicated to Special Production and Processing and completed a cycle of 4 meetings during which not only die-cutting technicians, but also the technical department staff, graphic designers, quotation managers and the sales staff exchanged views regarding the problems experienced most frequently in die-cutting system.

The general attendance of the programme was really important” commented Pablo Bogado. “Each meeting was attended by approximately 30 field experts originating from the most important Italian converter companies. Once again these numbers confirm the size of the demand for refresher courses in this particular sector that, today, struggles to find training proposals in Italy.”

In fact, ServiForm will also continue in 2018! A survey will be performed on the Serviform website from January 2018 in order to collect new suggestions and requests for additional information, because ServiForm also caters for this aspect: a customised training programme for its participants!

The last module, in which three topics of great interest were examined in detail, for example, Incisions, Start-up and Special Processing, such as braille and reverse ½ cut, achieved one of the principal objectives of the course: to offer paper industries and cardboard box companies the opportunity to learn both the basic techniques and a series of solutions, thanks to which they are now able to perform the die-cutting operations in the best possible way, but not only this! On the one hand, the four modules have provided a broader view of the overall production process, and on the other hand, have provided a broader view of the business for the company.

The field experts acquired a greater knowledge of the elements which comprise the die-cutter and its operation in different working conditions in order to maintain a strong focus on optimising the overall production process. In this way valuable information was transmitted that needs to be considered when ordering the die-cutter from an external die-cutter manufacturer. One of the important results is clearly illustrated in a greater precision when defining the technical characteristics of the die-cutter, producing immediate effects on the quality of the die-cutting tool. Furthermore, the importance of correct maintenance and storage of the die-cutter was transmitted, thanks to specific in-depth analyses. In this way the field experts help the company to maximise the investment and also the quality of the die-cut.

The market’s high complexity and the growing aggressiveness of the competition put pressure on every converter company. Therefore, knowing how to contribute to increasing the quality of the final product and the flexibility in the delicate die-cutting phase is a key element to increase the company’s competitiveness. Keeping this scenario in mind, the training programme proposed a series of practical exercises and specific examples designed to find the best solutions in real conditions, in other words, taking into account the complications which arise from a series of variables which are not always foreseeable.

Loyalty and perseverance were rewarded at the end of the last module: in fact, certificates of attendance were awarded to the 20 participants who attended the complete course. The two speakers Pablo Bogado and Paolo Fedrighi presented the diplomas personally, thanking the participants not only for their attendance, but also for the proactive participation in all 4 modules of the training programme. Approximately 100 certificates were presented overall, also considering the customised courses organised at the premises of the applicant companies.



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