Interview with Marco Calcagni, OMET Sales Director


OMET, with an impressive stand, where it was impossible not to pass through, was one of the protagonists at the latest edition of Labelexpo Europe, with a large number of sales contracts signed directly during the event. More and more attention is focused on smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0, where machines have to communicate with the operator on the one hand, but also with management in terms of production organization. So how can you combine these two needs?
We talk about it with Marco Calcagni, OMET Sales Director, to understand the philosophy and the path that OMET has decided to undertake, we are going to examine with him also the latest technological innovations introduced on the market.



At Labelexpo you have focused on the concept of “Transparent Factory”.
Can you explain it?

Marco Calcagni, OMET

“Printing and converting companies today need to get just-in-time, high-quality and cost-effective production. We as manufacturers to get profits we must invest in R & D, to speed up planning, installation times and service.
Technologies are more and more efficient, complex from a design point of view but extremely simplified for the user and for this reason industry 4.0 offers us the ability to better manage the connection of our technologies with the operator but also with management for managing and controlling production data. In a market dominated by the smart concept, where everything is traveling at high speeds, and communication must be clear and immediate, OMET introduced “Smart-Glasses”, a tool that will be highly appreciated by new generations, that represent the future and are very familiar with new technologies. These smart glasses, worn by the operator, allow instant audio-visual communication to all the operators involved in the production process: company management, the machine supplier that can, for example, intervene to solve a failure, but also the customer, so that he can see the start-up of his work, directly from the office without having to move physically move to the printer”.




As for printing machines, your presence focused on offset technology:
the reasons for this choice?
“Offset is one of the more requested printing technologies on our machines and the customers themselves ask us to stay in this industry. Just during Labelexpo I met at our booth a great international printer that underlined the importance of offset printing for its company that with this technology prints shrink and wine labels, and appreciates the quality that offset guarantees and flexibility in combination with other technologies as well. It is therefore the market that asks us, and the data tell us that OMET today grows a lot in offset and we are going to invest in R & D to become more and more competitive to reduce the costs of individual units and machines in general and make them more powerful and fast in set-up”.



Why do you consider OMET X6.0 technology so special and unique in its kind?
“When it was introduced the OMET X6 marked a turning point in the market, so that from then everyone followed our manufacturing philosophy (direct servo-assisted drive, reduced paper path, viewing system to monitor the register). OMET X6.0 is today the only machine on the market that can integrate all the printing technologies available on the market: digital inkjet, offset, flexo, uv-flexo, rotogravure, screen printing, solvent and water based flexo, all in a single platform able of meeting all the needs a printing company can have today. And it is ideal for printing labels but also for packaging solutions. From a pure technical point of view, the presence of the double unwinder increases the productivity by 20%; the refurbished flexo printing units allow automatic pressure control and smart management at every job change, material or production speed differentiation, thanks to our patent that provides open-pressure cams on the print cylinder, unlike all other solutions present on the market, which allow you to eliminate the vibrations, and get a “kiss” pressure without the “backlash” effect. This condition is guaranteed throughout the run. Among other things, we have introduced a new Multivision system with micro-smart cameras for independent real-time color registering. The new interface we presented for the first time on this line is intuitive, ergonomic, and realized to get a general improvement of work experience by the operator”.




What about digital technology integrated on your machines: at what point of development are you?
“The JetPlus inkjet module, proposed 3 years ago thanks to its collaboration with Domino, is now a consolidated solution that we have integrated into the OMET X6 in combination with flexo printing. More recently, we collaborated with Durst, that integrated its TAU 330 RSC, a 8-color label digital machine, our OMET X6, a hybrid solution. Digital label printing nowadays has to meet more and more complex requirements, with extremely demanding embellishing that require high-performance technologies”.




Let’s close with the news regarding the iFlex OMET line?
“OMET iFlex is our entry level machine and first introduced at Labelexpo 2015. It was designed for emerging markets companies, a good compromise of cost-effective technology. Two years after the launch, and after selling more than 70 units, we have noticed with surprise that many machines have been installed by important companies in traditional markets that have particularly appreciated it, not only for the advantageous price but above all for the print quality. OMET iFlex is very competitive in short runs, it competes with digital solutions. Given this great success, we have decided to implement this line, designed for label printing including wrap-around and shrink-sleeves, with a cooling drum on each print unit to cool the substrate while keeping more stable the temperature in the machine, very important feature since now the machine is also suitable for printing on films.
The machine is also equipped with smart systems to simplify the work of the operator: iLight is an innovative pre-registering system with laser pointer on each printing group. The laser indicates the ideal alignment of the forme cylinder, allowing a quick job change and acceleration of registering times. A second laser, positioned perpendicularly to the die cutting forme, ensures quick and efficient change of the magnetic die without flaws.
iVision is the instant print registering system that, thanks to the use of cameras on each printing unit, allows real-time registering of any color as the material proceeds, controlling the image on the display, without having to wait for the printed material to reach the end of the line. The combination of iLight and iVision helps to dramatically reduce start-up times and waste, making each operation extremely instantaneous and intuitive.
OMET iFlex can also be configured with several finishing and converting groups of the latest generation”.