Celmacch Chroma Cut: the highest level of technology


The Celmacch Group now offers one of the best rotary die cutters on the market in terms of performance and quality standards with Chroma Cut, Celmacch’s new HBL rotary die cutter for high definition printing. Thanks to high-quality mechanical engineering, Chroma Cut is durable, accurate and comes with electronics of the highest level. Chroma Cut is available in 2100, 2400 and 2800mm formats with 66” print cylinder. It combines the high printing technology of the Chroma Print series with the maximum precision of a rotary module, to offer exceptional long-term productivity. This is an HBL line equipped with the most modern direct-motor technology and can be equipped with the finest optional devices, aimed at satisfying the needs of companies looking for the best production standards. Remarkable features include the option to change the printing plate during operation, the automatic wash up system, the printing registration correction device and the “0 defect” technology, which controls the quality of the product.
Thanks to the use of top-quality European components, Chroma Cut guarantees high levels of durability, reliability and maximum long-term performance. The quality of the individual components is extremely high, because each one has been designed and evaluated to provide maximum reliability.
Customers’ needs and requests are always welcomed and willingly respected while avoiding the use of “bespoke” mechanical and electrical components, which would make the maintenance process more expensive and difficult; suffice to say that the PLC, the motors and the drives are all Siemens, thereby making use of commercial components that are available all around the world.
The printing units are made according to Chroma ‘High Tech’ technology, which guarantees accuracy and high standards of colour registration.
The rotary die cutter is suitably detached from the last printing unit to prevent dust generated from affecting the printing units; a special extraction system reduces dust in the environment, in order not to compromise print quality.
Each rotary cylinder is operated by a Siemens direct motor that works together with a high-precision Wittenstein gearbox.
The Celmacch grinding system is entirely managed by a Siemens direct motor to guarantee maximum precision and level of automation. A tungsten carbide cylinder automatically corrects during production according to the settings chosen by the operator, even when the machine is running. Thanks to this technology, the anvil cylinder benefits from greater uniformity and durability of both the polyurethane covers and the die itself. The RDC (Rotary Die-Cutter) module has been designed with the utmost focus on durability and functionality, as most of Celmacch’s customers work 24/7 and require a reliable machine that will not cause downtime. The durability of the rotary is surprising, also guaranteed by our collaboration with strictly Italian workshops, whose products adhere to the most rigorous quality standards. It is undeniable that Celmacch’s growth is positioning the company among the major players in the field of high definition printing and rotary die-cutting. Not surprisingly, leading players in the sector have trusted Celmacch and have chosen it as their partner in technology for key projects within major European establishments.